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With BJP’s victory, Jagan’s hand is the axis – the center in the basement – the status movement again in the AP? YCP Game! | as BJP-AINRC won Puducherry on status promise, ap cm ys jagan to pitch for ap special status

With the BJP victory in Puducherry

The results of the Assembly elections in Puducherry, the Union Territory in which it is based, including Yanam, which is an integral part of the AP, came out unexpectedly. For the first time in a long time, the crimson flag was flown in Puducherry, the stronghold of the Congress and Dravida parties. The BJP will form a government there along with the NR Congress. In Puducherry, which has a total of 30 assembly seats, the BJP, NR Congress and AIADMK alliance together won a simple majority of 16 seats. The Independents won 6 seats, the DMK 6 seats, while the Congress was limited to just 2 seats. Meanwhile, the key promise given by the BJP for victory in Puducherry is now going to become the weapon of AP CM Jagan Palita.

BJP guarantees special status

BJP guarantees special status

The main reason for the success of the BJP-NR Congress-AnnaDMK alliance in Puducherry is the failure of the previous Congress government led by Narayana Swamy to a height, while the special status issue announced in the BJP manifesto is another height. Among the major promises made by the BJP in the run-up to the Puducherry Assembly elections, special status was not the most crucial, and it was widely debated. In fact, Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman stood on the ground in Puducherry next March and released a manifesto promising special status. “If a BJP government is formed in Puducherry, the Modi government at the center will give Puducherry special union territory status,” Nirmala clarified. With the results on Sunday, the BJP government seems to have come to power in Puducherry. Special status is yet to come. While,

Another movement for AP status ..

Another movement for AP status ..

The BJP, which has won special status for Puducherry, is already preparing to increase central funding from the current 25 per cent to 40 per cent and revise the central funding to Puducherry, which is now 30:70, to 70:30. Soon after the formation of the BJP-NR Congress government, there were moves to this extent in Delhi. As the status of Puducherry was being prepared, the issue of special status guarantee given to AP as a secession guarantee came to the fore once again. Although the Center and the BJP have repeatedly said that special status is not possible for any state, including the AP, due to the recommendations of the 14th Finance Commission, there is no room for another movement in the AP to grant status to Puducherry now. It remains to be seen whether this weapon, which was unexpectedly in Jagan’s hands, will be used only to narrow down the BJP and in good faith to give AP status. It would be a different matter if the BJP showed stubbornness to Puducherry in the matter of status as it did to the AP.

Defeat of ‘CM’ despite Jagan’s support – Rangaswamy loses in Yanam – NDA wins in Puducherry


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