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Who made Adivi Shesh a hero?

Adivi Shesh is in good form as a talented hero in Tollywood. Any heroine in the film industry is looking for a mass image. He makes every effort to reach out to a mass audience. We keep seeing Manchi Mass choosing the story before any star kid who is newly introduced in Tollywood. They are of the opinion that only a few people have the possibility..reachability to succeed as a hero in class movies. The same mass story but the craze in the audience .. the market in the industry is a different level. That is why many star heroes are also holding the mass pulse and choosing their movie stories. We are blindly fixated that if a director like Puri Jagannadh does a movie, he will get innumerable mass hero images.

But young talented hero Adavi Shesh has earned a different image by making screenplay based movies with good storytelling power without being fanatical for such an image. It is known that this young hero is currently acting in the upcoming movie Major which is being produced by superstar Mahesh Babu. The film, which is being made as a biopic of 26/11 Atax martyr Sandeep Unnikrishnan, is set to release in the Pan Indian Range. Adavi Shesh is also the writer of the upcoming Telugu – Hindi – Malayalam movie. Wild Shesh Multi Talented. The story he chooses..the screenplay of those stories is going on in the style of a Hollywood movie and is thrilling the audience in the theaters.

It is also a privilege to provide a wild remnant script for movies like Moment, Spy, Kiss. Holding on well to almost 24 Crafts has been a huge plus for a wild remnant career. To be sure, being a writer is the main reason why Adavi Shesh stands out as a hero and presents so many good movies to the audience. With so much talent, Mahesh Babu Major has put all the responsibility of the film on the shoulders of Adavi Shesh. It remains to be seen what kind of success Adavi Shesh will get with this film. It is learned that Adavi Shesh and heroine Sai Manjrekar have recently released a look from this movie. Shobhita will be seen in a pivotal role in the film, which will be directed by Shashikiran Thikka.


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