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Who is Jaypee Nadda? Is he a professor? -The country has to answer: Rahul angry over China’s aggression | ‘Who Is JP Nadda?’ Rahul Hits Back, slams pm modi over Chinese village in Arunachal

Chinese village in Indian territory.

Adding to the tension, defense experts say China has built a new village in a disputed area in the Upper Subansiri district of Arunachal Pradesh, with satellite images revealing that these structures were built within Indian territory within 4.5 km of the border at Arunachal Pradesh, with Chinese forces building a new village with 101 houses. Monday revealed a sensational thing. Referring to this news article, Rahul Gandhi ..

Modiji .. Do you remember your promise?

Modiji .. Do you remember your promise?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the sidelines of a visit to Ladakh after 20 Indian soldiers were killed by Chinese forces in the Galvan Valley in eastern Ladakh a few months ago. Reminding Rahul of that .. without directly mentioning Modi’s name … Rahul made Eddewa remember the promise you made. Rahul also added screenshots of a Chinese-built village in Indian territory. Rahul also made harsh remarks on the China issue during the release of the ‘Kheti Ka Khoon’ booklet prepared by the Congress on farmers’ protests at the AICC office on Tuesday afternoon.

BJP that China structures are natural

BJP that China structures are natural

The BJP has reacted sharply to Rahul’s criticism of Chinese aggression in Arunachal Pradesh. McMahon said building a Chinese village on Indian soil along the line was not a new development. BJP national president JP Nadda is targeting Rahul. Can he deny that none other than Pandit Nehru gifted thousands of kilometers to the Chinese, including the Arunachal Pradesh he was referring to? Why does the Congress repeatedly surrender to China? ” Nadda tweeted. When the media questioned Rahul on this ..

Who is Nadda?  Is he a teacher?

Who is Nadda? Is he a teacher?

“I have questioned the central government and Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the Chinese aggression. Who is this JP Nadda in the middle? Why should I answer his challenges? Is he my teacher? I will answer only to the country, ”said Rahul Gandhi. The Congress leader was incensed that the Modi government was lying to the people about the Chinese aggression. While ..

China's aggression is nothing new.

China’s aggression is nothing new.

Arunachal BJP MP Tapir Gao alleged that the then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi had stopped the Indian Army from taking any action to send back the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. He said that China had built a road in the 80s and also built a Mazha road from Longzhou during the Rajiv regime and occupied a valley in Tawang. He said Congress had gone in the wrong direction and at least failed to build even a road to the border. The BJP MP said that the construction of new villages was nothing new and that all this could not be done by the Congress.


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