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We will slap YCP leaders, leave no stone unturned; Tata Teestam: Vangalapudi Anita, Devineni Uma Fire | Vangalapudi Anitha, Devineni Uma Fires on YSRCP leaders and gave warning to them

YCP leaders will be slapped: Vangalapudi Anita

Vangalapudi Anita expressed impatience that all the cadres were sitting in the assembly and that the YCP leaders were behaving like street bullies. Vangalapudi Anita flagged off that the police would not take action if the former CM spoke arbitrarily against his wife. Anita raises the flag to remember that CM Jagan’s mother and sister are also a woman. Zabardast heroine Sankranti Diwali celebrations today, Vangalapudi Anita Roja churakalantisi celebrations. Anita Vangalapudi said that it was Psycho who was happy to see the tears of the others. So far Roza has been standing on the foundations of TDP and it is in her interest to take this matter into her own scrutiny. The YCP has been accused of prosecuting if they talk about the attacks. Anita has issued warnings that YCP leaders will be slapped if they speak like this against Bhubaneswar and Telugu women.

The YCP government must not succumb to the wrath of the people: Devineni Uma

TDP state general secretary and former minister Devineni Uma will raise the flag against YCP leaders for their remarks on Chandrababu. Devineni Uma was angry that the YCP government, which had brought tears to the eyes of TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu, should not be plunged into public anger. Devineni Uma, who said it was wrong to make personal insults against Chandrababu Naidu, erred in saying that what the YCP leaders were doing in the Legislative Assembly was to discuss public issues. Devineni Uma, who said that the Legislative Assembly has been transformed into a Kaurava Sabha, said that the arrogance of the Kauravas was enough for you.

We will win again .. We will take your palm: Bonda Uma

Bonda Uma flagged in earnest that personal insults against the wife of Chandrababu Naidu’s mother-in-law in the Legislative Assembly, which is supposed to discuss public issues, are evil. The days are near when people will run and beat you on the sidewalk, turning the Legislative Assembly into an House of Commons and making Chandrababu Gari cry. Bonda Uma has warned the YCP leaders that they will win again and take your palm.

Don’t leave anything … Let’s end up in the public domain: Nimmala Ramanayudu

MLA Nimmala Ramanayudu, who has issued warnings to YCP leaders who have made personal criticisms of Chandrababu Naidu for leaving anyone behind It is unfortunate and ashamed to be in today’s honorable legislature that has spoken insultingly about. We take the insult to our leader Nara Chandrababu Naidu Garki seriously and will fight tirelessly till Chandrababu Garni is made the CM again. Nimmala Ramanayudu said that we will settle in Prajakshetra.


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