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Many movie stars are in danger not only in their roles on the silver screen but also in real life. Kovid is pushing for ‘Memunnam’ to help the victims. Food, oxygen, medicine … they are helping like this. Some movie celebrities donate generously to the government, while others donate oxygen cylinders and ventilators with their own money. Kovid is reassuring victims by providing information on vaccines, drugs and hospitals through their fan following on social media.

Many Kovid patients nowadays rely on social media for medical treatment. Bollywood actor John Abraham has handed over his social media accounts to charities. Allowed to post information about Corona through his account. In addition to providing beds for hospitals, John Abraham provided essential items for some families. Alia Bhatt is helping corona victims through social media. Through his Instagram page, Kovid victims are receiving requests from their family members and offering them the help they need. Tapsi is providing essential information to Kovid patients through social media. Information on oxygen cylinders, emergency medicines, hospital admissions is constantly being shared on social media.

Akshay Rs. Crore donation

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar has donated Rs. Coty donated. He donated the money to a charity run by former cricketer, MP Gautam Gambhir. Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna have teamed up to provide 100 oxygen concentrators. In addition, another 120 concentrators were set up by the Divine Foundation in London.

Help from Lata Mangeshkar

Lead singer Lata Mangeshkar helped herself to the fight against Corona. Maharashtra Chief Minister’s Assistance Fund of Rs. 7 lakh financial assistance was provided. During the corona lockdown last year, Rs. Lata Mangeshkar expressed her big heart by donating Rs 25 lakh.

Sonu who cares

Sonu Sood is spending crores of rupees to help corona victims. Transportation, medicines and oxygen cylinders were distributed to the migrant workers. Bharathi, a Kovid victim, was rushed to Hyderabad from Nagpur by air ambulance for emergency treatment. Sonu Sood has made a good suggestion to the governments to take care of the children who have lost their parents due to corona and provide financial assistance for their education.

Help by the Foundation‌

Ajay Devgan has provided assistance to the makeshift Kovid treatment centers set up by the Maharashtra government in Mumbai to help the Kovid victims. With the funds provided by his NY Foundation, he bought the ventilators and beds needed for these hospitals. Mumbai Dharavi was also provided with ventilators during the corona last year.

Collection of donations

Varun Dhawan joins Mission Oxygen India, a Delhi-based fundraising organization, to raise funds. Through this, Rs. 21 crores and imported 3900 oxygen concentrators from abroad. Dhawan said they have donated them to various hospitals in the country. Along with them, Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidwani Kovid are providing financial assistance to charities that are helping the victims. Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra has said that it is heartbreaking to see people dying due to corona. Together with her husband Nixonas, we raise funds and support the victims. Fans were asked to donate. Bhoomi Pednekar, Katrina Kaif, Vicky Kaushal, Shahid Kapoor, Meera Rajput and Sonal Chauhan are involved in fundraising.

Not for publicity

Kangana responds to corona victims’ help. “I also provided vaccines, oxygen cylinders, medicines and beds for many people. But I don’t want to publicize the help I did, “she said.

Assistance of oxygen‌ cylinders

Actress Urvashi Routela has donated 27 oxygen concentrators to the Government of Uttarakhand. She asked everyone to help as much as they could. Sunil Shetty is partnering with the KVN Foundation to provide oxygen concentrators. Gurmeet Chaudhary is helping to provide oxygen and beds to those in need. He said a state-of-the-art hospital with a thousand beds for Kovid victims would soon be built in Lucknow.

Food for five thousand people

Salman Khan is providing nutrition to the police, health workers and medical staff serving the Kovid victims. For this he set up ‘Bhai Johns’ Kitchen Restaurant’. It was set up with the capacity to feed 5,000 people a day.


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