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We all suffered along with Venkatesh!

“Corona has left some families in dire straits. We do not send our family members to theaters under the current circumstances. Then how can I ask others and audiences to come to the theaters and see our film? Along with Venkatesh, I and our entire crew were upset that ‘Narappa’ had to be released on OTT. But, it is not wrong, ” said Sureshbabu. Kalaipuli S‌. He co-produced the film ‘Narappa’ with Thanu. The Amazon Prime video is set to be released on OTT on Tuesday. What Suresh Babu said on this occasion …

‘Will theaters open? Will the audience come when it is open? ‘ Thanugaru decided to release the film ‘Narappa’ in OTT amidst doubts and financial pressures. He played a major role in the construction. As such, we did not want to bother him. With that he could not deny that OTT means. Our Suresh Productions movie will definitely be released in theaters.

Venky did not become a poor farmer!

Venkatesh has never acted in the role of a poor, farmer like ‘Narappa’. When we saw ‘Asuran’ … we were impressed by the human relationships, action scenes and emotions in the story. Everything is in balance. Hence, the remake. Every actor wants to do new types of roles. Venkatesh immersed himself in the role of Narappa. He considered it a challenge and worked hard. He worked very hard for the fight scenes that came before the interval. One day Srikanth came to the office to tell the story of Addala. In the context of the later words ‘It is known that you are doing a remake of Asuran‌. If anyone thinks I want to direct, ‘he asked. Loved the way he understood the story. I said ‘S’. He can elicit small emotions from actors. ‘Drishyam-2’ starring Venkatesh is all set to release after ‘Narappa’. No major changes were made to ‘Narappa’. Done in ‘Scene-2’. It’s better than the matrix.

OTT saves film industry!

Our illusion is that OTT platforms can be stopped. A big hero like Salman Khan in Hindi has released his film on OTT. OTT saved the film industry during the Corona era. With the increase in the number of web series, the film industry is gaining employment. Profit for producers. However, it was the exhibitors who suffered the most from the OTT releases. Theaters have been closed for a year now since the beginning of the corona boom in the country. However … the central and state governments did not provide any assistance. Property tax deduction, no discount on electricity bills. We are all biting.

A Rs 40 ticket means … even the current bill will not come!

Now the condition of theaters in Telangana is better than in Andhra Pradesh. It is not possible to run theaters at the ticket rates set by the AP government. A Rs 40 ticket means … even if the AC theaters are house full, the current bill will not come. The government is not asking for minor adjustments in ticket prices. ‘You open theaters. We will change later ‘they say. Unless the owners run single screens with love on the movie … there will be no profit in the money. It’s a life-and-death issue for the show industry out there.

That is not AP government land!

Ramanayudu Studios in Visakhapatnam is my Swarjitam. It is not land given by the government. Buy more than the market price. However, the government can collect any land for public use. But, it has to be compensated accordingly. We will continue to run the studio in AP in the future as well.

‘Suresh Productions’ OTT coming soon!

Suresh Productions will soon launch its own OTT platform. We have already started creating content. Entered the audio field under the name ‘SP Musics’. In ‘Narappa’ we are releasing through it. In the future, we will be promoting emerging singers and music directors through non-film music.


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