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Home Buzz Vishal Fida for CM Jagan's decision..AP decision should be implemented .. !!

Vishal Fida for CM Jagan’s decision..AP decision should be implemented .. !!

Tollywood gap chup on pics decision

Increasing ticket prices during the release of new movies on the AP .. running special shows has been going on for a long time. However, the government kept a check on this kind of affair during the lawyer Saab movie. The possibility of an increase in ticket prices was discussed above. As a result, the district joint collectors have been directed to increase the price of movie tickets till then.

Movie tickets within the government

Movie tickets within the government

Nowadays, it has been decided that the prices of movie tickets should be the same across the state. Ticket prices are to be implemented by category of theaters. A, B, C centers … Similarly, everything from single screen to multiplexes will be sold by the government. The government claims that the existing movie ticket apps and websites are a bit confusing and burdensome for the general public. With this, the government is reducing the burden on the people by selling these tickets, say government sources.

That is why Tollywood celebrities did not respond

That is why Tollywood celebrities did not respond

So far, however, the government has not been able to figure out what the producers-exhibitors-theater owners have to say about movie ticket prices. Further, as the ticket sales fall under the purview of the government, the accounts of any day from the sale will be settled on the same day and the rest will be given to the concerned persons excluding the government management charges. Although this decision is being discussed in the media … none of the celebrities in Tollywood have responded. Not supported at the same time. Not opposed.

Tamil hero Vishal Hotsaf to Jagan .. Hint to Stalin

Tamil hero Vishal Hotsaf to Jagan .. Hint to Stalin

While their silence continued, Tamil hero Vishal AP reacted to the government’s decision. AP Chief Minister Jagan Hotsaf said. He also demanded that the online ticketing system implemented by the AP government be extended to Tamil Nadu. The Tamil Nadu Chief Minister tagged Stalin and asked him to implement a similar online ticketing system in the state. Now this affair has become a hot topic in political circles.

Plans for construction by Chiranjeevi

Plans for construction by Chiranjeevi

Even if the Tamil heroes respond, there is a discussion that if the Telugu heroes do not respond, there is a possibility of criticism. However, there is a possibility of trouble with some in the industry if supported. If not, there are questions as to what the damage will be with the implementation of this decision. However, the film industry, which has already suffered due to the corona, met the Chiranjeevi-led Tollywood team CM Jagan on other issues.

Mentioned several issues .Many of them were issued by the AP Government Jivo agreeing to their suggestion. Chiranjeevi also thanked for this. The Chiranjeevi team is likely to meet CM Jagan again in the next four days. Looks like a chance to discuss this topic along with other issues at the time. But, there are very few instances where CM Jagan goes back on any matter after making a decision for once. With this, the government’s recent decision to sell tickets online has become an inescapable issue for Tollywood celebrities.


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