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Viral Video: Little Master Fida For Boy Talent .. Future Shane Warne Antonna Netizens .. If You Watch Video You Will Fall | Little boy Miracles in gully cricket with his spin bowling, If you watch the video you will fall in Love Sachin Tendulkar also likes his Talent

Gully Cricket Viral Video

Viral Video: To excel in cricket, one must have talent as well as luck. But some are doing great and sacrificing everything. And when it comes to gully cricket, we still see a lot of people who are impressed with the game. But, if master blaster Sachin Tendulkar also fell for the boy’s talent in a recent video .. can you believe it. Ever wondered what that kid did. It’s too late for that .. Let’s go to the real thing.

In it a boy shows the dots to the batsmen with his spin bowling. He did not even give them a chance to play shots in his bowling. Almost all of them were out and sheltered. Even if it is gully cricket, everyone is fascinated by that child’s talent. His bowling action is also good. Not only children but also youngsters lost in front of the boy’s bowling.

I don’t know where this video is. Someone sent this video to Sachin Tendulkar as a friend. After watching the video, Little Master, who was impressed by the boy’s talent, shared it on his insta. “Brilliant .. This kid’s love and passion for the game is obvious,” the caption read. With this, netizens are also falling for that child’s talent. They also share their views with likes and comments. One joked that he would play for the Mumbai Indians next year, while another shared that the future is Shane Warne.

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