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Undavalli shocking‌ – Jinnah’s grandfather is a Hindu- Jagan‌, Chandrababudhi fears jail-Tirupati election background | former mp undavalli arun kumar shocking comments on jinnah, jagan and chandrababu

Ramatirtha to Tirupati Politics‌

Former MP Undavalli said that it was the police and not the political parties that had to respond to the latest incident at the Ramathirdham temple in Vijayanagar district. He commented that the police in India have rights that they do not have anywhere and that if they are left for a while they will get their work done. He said that if left to the police, it would be easier to catch the culprits of the Ramatirtha incident. He joked that in fact all the military in the world should be fielded but not enough to guard our shells. But the incumbent YCP leaders did not know why they had run for Ramatirtha before Chandrababu. Undavalli objected that some people were questioning whether to vote for the Bhagavad Gita or the Bible in addition to this.

Shocking to be on the theme of Jinnah‌

Shocking to be on the theme of Jinnah‌

Speaking of paramatman tolerance, he described what had happened in the dynasty of former Pakistani patriarch Muhammad Ali Jinnah as a beacon. Jinnah’s grandfather Premji Bhai Thakkar is a Rajput and he must be a vegetarian. He said he was in the fish business. His son’s family left him and converted to Islam. Since then, Jinnah’s grandfather has also been put away, revealing that he must have died because he could not bear it. Jinnah’s ancestors claim that they are the descendants of Rama, and Jinnah, who came from such a family, joked that the reason for the Indo-Pak division was unity in diversity

  Jagan‌, Chandrababudhi fear of jail

Jagan‌, Chandrababudhi fear of jail

Jagan, who is in power in the state, said Chandrababu, who is in opposition, should be contesting and supporting the BJP. In terms of votes, the parties with 95 per cent votes said they support the BJP, but the people do not support the BJP. He said the BJP’s politics for the Tirupati by-election should not be right. Chandrababu and Jagan should have noted that the BJP does not have the support of the people here. Jagan and Chandrababu criticized Undavalli for supporting the BJP for fear of being imprisoned. Although Jagan and Chandrababu have no ideology, the BJP has ideologies. He said he would oppose them.

This is why the BJP ousted Vajpayee and Advani ...

This is why the BJP ousted Vajpayee and Advani …

The BJP, which has the largest number of Christians in the world because of its religion, said that if we want to oppose Muslims, it must be the spice. Parties like YCP and TDP, which support the BJP, are also said to be to blame.

He said that at the end of Vajpayee’s career, all religions and arguments should be abandoned and then BJP leaders should have left him. Whenever Advani went to Pakistan and praised Jinnah, he left him and brought Modi.

Agrakuls must have been wrong

Agrakuls must have been wrong

Arun Kumar said that it must have been wrong for the agrarians to cause the weaker sections of the country to convert to Christianity through conversions. He was of the opinion that the attitude of the agrarians who were the factors that made it happen at that time was not right. He said that the castes who had been kept away due to the tendency of the agrarians had to resort to Christianity and Islam based on the circumstances at that time. He said that the agrarians should not be able to get rid of that feeling inwardly. Nadeem, who lost that notion, said the country was developing.


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