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Trolling on Balakrishna’s comments | NTV

Balakrishna’s comments on the 30th anniversary of “Aditya 369” have started trolling. Netizens are incensed with the special high tag “Who is Balayya”. In a recent interview, he said that such awards could not replace the contribution made by his family to the film industry and that Bharat Ratna was on par with NTR Kaligoti and Cheppu.

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He also said that AR Rahman did not know anyone, that he had been given an Oscar for hitting once in ten years, that a music director had a style and that Ilayaraja’s music was wonderful for “Aditya 369”. Saying that Bharat Ratna is equal to Kaligoti in these comments and saying that he does not even know the Oscar winner has led to trolling. With this, netizens are incensed on social media as to who the real Balayya is.


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