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Tiger claw: This is the secret of Mamata’s victory – Let’s show dots to Modi – National leaders on Bengal result | mamata’s secularism wins tmc, says Firhad Hakim, Sharad Pawar, Sanjay Raut, Omar Abdullah louds result

Mamata Bumper Victory ..

Despite the Assembly elections being held in all the five states of the country, the focus is on West Bengal due to the BJP’s vigor and the Modi-Shah Hora. The BJP, which won 42 per cent of the vote and 19 MP seats in the Lok Sabha elections two years ago, is limited to less than 80 seats with 37 per cent of the vote in the current assembly elections. The TMC alone seemed to win 200-plus seats with 48.4 per cent of the vote.

Polling in eight phases in favor of the campaign of Modi, Shah and BJP leaders, large-scale deployment of central forces, arrival of BJP leaders from all over the country, booth-wise planning of the BJP .. None of these could prevent the TMC victory. Meanwhile, key comments are emerging behind Mamata’s victory for the third time in a row in Bengal.

Secularism is the secret

Secularism is the secret

TMC key leader Firhad Hakeem said the secret of Mamata Banerjee’s victory in the Bengal Assembly battle was secularism. “The only way to stop the secular BJP is to unite the people. The struggle against the BJP must certainly be secular. TMC chief Mamata Banerjee followed exactly that. We have succeeded in uniting the people for the development of Bengal against the religious forces. This is the main difference between Mamata’s policy and the attempts of other parties to confront the BJP. Hakeem commented, “The Communists have completely merged with this election in time to narrow such a gap.” No more

The female tiger won .. the rest of the game ..

The female tiger won .. the rest of the game ..

Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Routh said that Mamata Banerjee had won like a tiger by crushing the BJP in the Bengal war. NC leader and former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah hailed the BJP and its affiliates as “amazing” despite all sorts of insidious attempts to win back. NCP chief Sharad Pawar has made key remarks in the sense that he will work with Mamata at the national level in the years to come after the Bengal victory and hurt Modi. ” Mamata ji .. Congratulations. “Let’s work together for the welfare of the people and to fight the epidemic collectively,” Pawar tweeted. AAP chief, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal also wished Mamata.


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