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Thozha Review

Adaptations and remakes of other language movies aren’t new in Tamil Cinema anymore as there is one official remake flick coming out every weekend, which makes it quite a challenge for directors to churn out a film which stays true to the original. PVP Cinemas next production is Thozha which they can seriously boast of, an official remake of the French movie The Intouchables that stars Karthi, Tamannaah and Nagarjuna in lead roles is a heartwarming tale of life and friendship.

The film makes you laugh, it will make you cry, a delightful celebration of everything in life that makes it worthwhile. The movie tells the story of a quadriplegic millionaire and an emotionally-challenged person. While Nagarjuna plays the role of a physically-challenged man, Karthi plays his caretaker in “Thozha”. How life changes for them when they meet each other and their friendship blooms is what Thozha’s cruz forms.

Three cheers to Vamsi Paidipally, who has made a big bang debut in Tamil! Thozha works and grabs us where it matters; is straight from the heart. The film is backed by awe inspiring performance and precisely one thing going for it and that’s the chemistry between its lead actors Karthi, Tamannah, Nagajuna. The eye-catching frames, great screenplay and a stunning climax that is endearing makes Thozha a must watch film.

The finest thing about this movie is that it is painstakingly honest & simple in depicting a developing friendship which only gets better as the story progresses. What’s also admirable is that Vamsi manages to steer clear of the sappy, sentimental route and instead fill the whole narrative with a blissful ambience that radiates only joy throughout its runtime.

Thozha zooms forward in the first half where Karthi is at driver’s seat physically and metaphorically. An enjoyable performance from the young actor who appears to relish his role! After a long time he gets to cover himself with stylish costumes. He sparkles with haughty countenance, sideway glances, mischievous looks, ‘know it all’ attitude and an understated curiosity to win Tamannah heart. He reiterates that he can essay any kind of role with aplomb. Tamannaah is fresh, hot, dignified, youthful and emotes well too. She has a pleasing screen presence and she is the pivot around which the film revolves. Karthi and Tamannaah’s chemistry is still intact even after years. She simply steals the show as the personal assistant. The supporting cast- Vivek, Prakash Raj and Kalpana and a few others make a mark with their presence while Anushka’s cameo leaves you teary-eyed.

Thozha is technically super sound. Gopi Sunder though disappoints with songs, his tone-setting arrangements make up for a grand background score. KL Praveen’s fluent editing work and PS Vinod’s exquisite frames to capture the film’s atmosphere in all its glory are another value addition to the technical strength. Raju Murugan’s dialogues are darn impressive which needs special mention.

Thozha is intimately human as a drama & unexpectedly hilarious as a comedy plus it treats its sensitive subject matter with utmost care & tenderness. Albeit a few dull moments and needless songs, Thozha guarantees to keep its viewers smiling from beginning to end, the film is both incredibly uplifting & extremely rewarding in every sense of the word. Kudos to PVP Cinemas for producing a proper bi-lingual that shall be enjoyed by family audiences.

Don’t miss it!

Our Rating — 3.5/5

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