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They did those things with me .. so I did not open my mouth: Priyanka Chopra who told awful truths | Priyanka Chopra Revealed her Career Struggles

The world was beautiful at a young age

Priyanka Chopra started her career as a model with the aim of getting into movies. The saleswoman, who has been catwalked on so many shows, won the Miss World crown at the 2000 beauty pageant. After that she became a heroine .. Since then she has been acting in all languages ​​for many years and showing her air. It has also received many awards and rewards.

Hollywood entry .. Love with Singer .. Marriage

Hollywood entry .. Love with Singer .. Marriage

Priyanka has impressed by acting in many languages ​​in her long career .. She has been hailed as the best heroine in India. This bhama who showed her mark here .. also entered into Hollywood. About that time she fell in love with American pop singer Nick Jonas. Dated secretly even though young in age. She later married Nick Jonas.

Completely changed Priyanka .. Criticisms

Completely changed Priyanka .. Criticisms

Priyanka Chopra’s behavior changed completely after she made her entry into Hollywood and married Nick Jonas. She was seen dressing up for the beauty pageants as well as doing drinking parties. Also addicted to cigarette smoking. The photos were also criticized for going viral at the time.

As if vibrating with ‘unfinished’

As if vibrating with ‘unfinished’

It is learned that Priyanka Chopra has recently launched her autobiography in book form under the title ‘Unfinished’. It mentions many of the things he encountered early in his career. Priyanka has made sensational allegations that some filmmakers have treated her rudely, stripped her naked and performed surgeries.

Bollywood in shock with Priyanka's comments

Bollywood in shock with Priyanka’s comments

In that autobiography, Priyanka Chopra revealed the portfolios of many directors and producers. This caused a sudden stir in Bollywood. This heroine has been a frequent trend ever since. With this, many names have been publicized as the producers of the film who have troubled Priyanka. At the same time there were suspicions over her allegations.

  Priyanka Chopra tells awful truths

Priyanka Chopra tells awful truths

In a recent interview, Priyanka was asked, “Why was the content of the autobiography not published then?” To this’ then no matter how many difficulties were encountered the lip was not opened. Because .. Nakeno has fears. I was very insecure. ‘ That is, we indirectly exposed those who threatened her at the time.


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