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The rule of traitors for a long time .. What will happen if Twitter is not there .. Kangana Ranaut Fire | Kangana Ranaut reaction after twitter account suspension

As Twitter proved that discrimination

Twitter has once again proved that white Americans discriminate against blacks by birth. What should you do? They discipline what to say and what not to say. Kangana Ranaut responded that there are so many platforms to hear my talent, my talent, my voice.

  Messy hypocritical

Messy hypocritical

I will continue to make my voices heard for my people who are being brutally deceived and persecuted in the country. “It is clear that there is no end to thousands of years of discrimination and harassment,” Kangana said in a statement.

  On the Violent Incidents of Bengal

On the Violent Incidents of Bengal

Marukshan released the video on his official Instagram shortly after his Twitter account was terminated. Mamata Banerjee has blamed the government for the violence in West Bengal. Kangana was incensed in the video that the rule of traitors was for a long time.

Kangana Ranaut's career is like this ..

Kangana Ranaut’s career is like this ..

When it comes to Kangana Ranaut’s career .. Panga came to the forefront of the audience before the lockdown. Kangana starred in the upcoming Tamil film Talaivi based on Jayalalithaa’s life story. The film is set to release soon. He is also starring in Dakad and Tejas in Hindi.


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