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Home Cinema The laughter that erupted in the assembly was unstoppable.

The laughter that erupted in the assembly was unstoppable.

A strange incident took place in the Karnataka Assembly. Former Chief Minister Siddaramaiah is speaking seriously on the Mysore rape case. At that time, Karnataka Congress party PCC president DK Sivakumar came and said that Siddaramaiah had a punch in his ear. Siddaramaiah immediately sat down in his seat and said he would speak later. However, Speaker Bangarappa asked Siddaramaiah to say something problematic, saying that the dhoti could not stand as the corona then weighed four and a half kilograms and the belly size increased. Congress leader Ramesh Kumar said that Sivakumar had tried to preserve Siddaramaiah’s image and the image of the Congress party and that BJP leaders were trying to damage that image. Speaker Bangarappa could not stop laughing as Siddaramaiah said that no one could damage his image.

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