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The Family Man 2: What happened between Priyamani and Kollig in Lonavala .. Manoj Bajpayee reveals shocking things! | The Family Man 2 star Manoj Bajpayee reveals about aravind – suchi’s lonavala episode

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The Family Man series has garnered millions of views, gaining immense popularity. Manoj Bajpayee, who played the lead role in the Family Man series, is best known for his performance. He has recently shared some details about this series with a website and we are giving you all those details.

Very enjoyable

Very enjoyable

He shared many things like whether the series has a third season, if shooting has already started as well as what it felt like to act with Akkineni Samantha and what Priyamani did. He said that he is very happy that the second series will get a good name first. Many in the audience, friends as well as the industry admired it and said that he was forgetting all the hardships he had gone through.

She means a lot of respect

She means a lot of respect

He said the response was more than they expected. He also referred to the Tamil Nadu-wide movement before the series and said that the controversy did not recur after watching the entire series. He was happy to work with Samantha. We shared so many things so many times while working with her that one of them said she had a lot of respect for each other.

Their hard work is commendable

Their hard work is commendable

Samantha is known to be a superstar in the Telugu and Tamil industry and her fans have also said that they have worked hard to make this web series such a hit. He said their hard work behind making the series such a hit was commendable. Referring to Asif Basra, who starred in this second series, he said that he has been a good friend for many days.

Can't watch Asif Basra scenes

Can’t watch Asif Basra scenes

Asif Basra said that committing suicide hurt him a lot. He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture, and that his confession had been obtained through torture. He said that he could not believe the fact that he could not see the scene with him. He also said that he could not believe that he was dead.

What happened in Lonavala

What happened in Lonavala

Asked if he had told Srikanth freely about the incident, he said, “What happened in Lonavala between Suchi and her colleague Arvind in the first season is still a suspense.” He made the shocking comments that if Srikanth knew about this, the Family Men story would never have ended. He said it was better not to know Srikanth, adding that he did not know if Suchi would say anything on any occasion.

You know he doesn't even know

You know he doesn’t even know

It is up to her to decide whether to tell Suchi Srikanth that she cannot say anything right now about the matter. At least the audience knew that something had happened in Lonavala but Srikanth said he knew nothing. He told Srikanth that Suchi was not happy and only knew that she was feeling embarrassed about his marriage.


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