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That belief is in us

Teja Sajja and Priya Prakash as Warrior Heroines. ‘Ishq’, a film produced by Mega Super Good Films, introduces Raju as the director. Presented by RB Chowdhury, the film, co-produced by NV Prasad, Paras Jain and Wakada Anjan Kumar, is set to release on Friday. On this occasion, one of the producers, NV Prasad, was mesmerized by Chitrajyoti.

This is the 93rd film to come out of ‘Our’ banner. The word gap came true. We will no longer produce films in a row. Teja acted nicely. Cinema means quest and passion appeared in him. Also the heroine Priya Glamor will be a plus for the movie.

The first copy of ‘Maa’ will be ready in February. We have been waiting ever since. With theaters opening on the 30th, we plan to release our film. Telangana has 100 per cent occupancy. When it comes to AP, due to Kovid, only 50 per cent, 3 games are allowed. What if no one comes forward? That is why we are taking the risk and moving forward. Because the content is stuck. Conditions are good, but if all goes well, three or four movies are released every week. Then the choice for the public as a whole is increasing. In this endeavor, our film Ishq‌ and Thimmarusu films have been successful.

There are some issues in Andhra regarding the release of movies. Let’s bring it to the attention of the CMG. He also responded positively. There is a need to maintain the pre-exhibition‌ sector wherever possible.

How tourism and hospitality have been damaged in the major industries in this Kovid. It has also had an effect on the film industry. We expect the situation to return to normal soon. There was a situation where some people had to take the OTT route under mandatory conditions. OTTs are also trying to kill theaters at this time. That’s why everything has to be alert. We wanted to release our film in theaters from the beginning. We have no OTT idea.

If there are theaters, there will be fans. There will be a commotion. The processions are. Is smart. In the auditorium of a thousand people, the entertainment that comes when everyone laughs together is different. We are releasing our film with that hope. We will definitely succeed.

Chiranjeevi film from August 13

The film with Chiranjeevi based on ‘Lucifer’ after ‘Ishq’ will start on August 13. The film will be shooting for 4 months.


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