Saturday, October 23, 2021


Jayam Brothers who are famous for super hit remake films are back with crime thriller this time. We have got a package of eyebrow raising visuals & dialogues in the name of the trailer which eventually increased our expectation about the movie funded by AGS Entertainment.

If you ask me about core part, it is simply on the lines of the old wine good vs evil fight. But what makes this film special is the toppings of packed screenplay and dialogues.

Jayam Ravi played the role of the protagonist Mithran IPS deserved lot of appreciations. His dialogue delivery and few facial expressions are so touching and getting applause from the audience straight away. To me the star of the show is Sidharth Abhimanyu, the antagonist played by our very own Aravind Swamy. He has nailed the character on his own style and shall easily adjust the best performer of the year in villain category. His dialogues are spot on and his massive cruelness are right on target from scene one. Welcome back the new Raghuvaran of Indian Cinema !! Nayanthara as Mahima done a standard role and oozes out glamour in a song is perfectly poised in the movie. 3 villaians and 3 friends has given strong support but Thambi Ramaiyaa shown his versitality in each of his frames which is a big positivity for the film.

On the technical aspects, ‘Hip Hop Thamizha’ Aathi’s original music geared up the visuals and portrayed the maker’s vision in the right way. “Kannala Kannala” song is a visual treat to which equal credits should be given to Choreographer Brindha. Ramji has done a formidable work behind the lens which lifted this movie into international level. Few angles in the first half are magical and his experience has worked big time for the movie. Gopi Krishna’s editing and stunts are so natural most of the times.

To be frank, its a never expected genre from Mohan Raja, who has surprised everyone with this heartfelt effort to make a great film on his own. The screenplay along with writers Suba has been the core pivot of this extra ordinary presentation. The dialogues like “உன் எதிரி யார் என்று தெரிந்தால் தான் உன் தகுதி என்னவென்று தெரியும்”, “நல்லதை மட்டுமே பண்றதுக்கு கடவுளால கூட முடியாது, நாமெல்லாம் எம்மாத்திரம்?”, “Love at first sight, kill at first betrayal” are scintillating and made the audience to get goosebumps regularly. The big upliftment for the movie is its packed screenplay. Right from the word go till the last frame the film has its own surprises and opening of knots which is new to Tamil Cinema. Mohan Raja has proved his talent and deserves a better place in the industry. Hearty congratulations from heytamilcinema to the team on giving a wonderful film to Kollywood.

“The Lone Man” தனி ஒருவன் has its own potential to enter the list of one of the well-made movies in Tamil Cine Industry. Do watch out without fail.


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