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telangana coronavirus: Are there restrictions on bars, pubs and theaters? High court questions to government, corona to Telangana CS

Increase corona tests.

Corona conditions in Telangana were heard in the High Court on Tuesday. On this occasion the state government submitted a report on corona tests, treatment and control. AG explained that RTPCR tests are slowly increasing. The High Court questioned whether the second phase would have grown even slower if the corona had expanded rapidly. RTPCR clarified that the tests should be increased immediately.

Are there restrictions on bars, pubs and theaters?

Are there restrictions on bars, pubs and theaters?

The High Court directed the TRS government to state why it was not imposing restrictions on bars, pubs and theaters in the state. The High Court directed that steps be taken to prevent people from gathering at weddings and funerals. Corona ordered to disclose the positive, death rate, and to provide details of tests at busstands, railway stations, and congested areas.

The Telangana government has been directed to submit a report within 48 hours disclosing the steps taken to enforce the corona rules and the cases registered against those who do not comply with the rules and the fines. It directed to publicize the details of corona treatment centers in the state and to pay special attention to orphans and old age homes.

Government key decision on 10th class exams

Government key decision on 10th class exams

On the other hand, the Telangana education department has taken a key decision on the conduct of 10th class examinations in the wake of the rising number of corona cases. Taking steps to keep test centers away from schools where students attend. Authorities will set up a test center at least 5 km from the student’s school.

Previously the student was attending a school within a maximum of 8 km. However, due to the corona effect, it was decided to set up the test centers within 5 km. It was decided to use schools or government junior colleges and aided colleges as centers to set up nearby examination centers. Steps will be taken to keep only 10-12 students in each room due to the corona.

Corona positive for CS Somesh Kumar

Corona positive for CS Somesh Kumar

Meanwhile, Telangana Chief Secretary (CS) Somesh Kumar was diagnosed with a corona positive. CS himself revealed that he was infected with corona. He was always busy with reviews with various departments and underwent corona tests as he was a bit unwell. Tests revealed that he was infected with the virus. Decided to stay away from daily activities for a few days as he was diagnosed positive despite no symptoms.

Those who met him recently suggested that he undergo corona tests. At the Nishkal Neuro Multispeciality Hospital in Nizamabad, 30 people were tested and 10 were found to be infected with corona.


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