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Telakapalli Ravi: The latest twists and turns in Huzurabad

Political developments in the Huzurabad constituency are changing rapidly after former minister Ethela Rajender joined the BJP. Sympathy for Rajender The TRS is expected to compete with the ruling party, which is taking a turn for the worse. The provision that by-elections should be held within six months does not cast doubt on Kovid’s background. The change of Uttarakhand Chief Minister and the possibility of Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee contesting elsewhere have cast doubt on Huzurabad. Sympathy for Ethela Rajender is mainly due to the fact that the BJP is turning into a TRS contest, leaving behind an atmosphere of competition. If that is the extent to which the party ranks are moving along the spearheads, then the rush there has increased as Rewant Reddy is the president of the then Congress. However, the question also arose as to what Rewant Reddy was thinking when he initially commented that Spears was more likely to win with sympathetic votes. This is because the first by-election after taking office has not been swallowed up by many of the Congress leaders who have already confessed about the BJP candidate’s sympathy in the politically crucial struggle.

Joining the BJP has changed the face of elections, as it would have been if the spearhead was a personal contest. Karimnagar has been a stronghold of the party in the past and its leaders are now MPs and MLAs and the current state president, Bandi Sanjay, has also won there. However, this is not to say that the BJP leaders are unanimously focusing on his victory or watching the tide turn. On the other hand, once you join the National Party, decisions have to be made. In that sense, it is questionable whether the spearhead’s wife Jamuna herself or her husband is the same whoever contested, with the approval of the BJP. Why did she do that? Continue with what was heard at one stage that the idea was to keep her from losing in the future if she lost the spear? Would the BC card be damaged in the social mobilization if she stood up? There are questions like this. It would be illogical for anyone to unite against family rule. Seems to be talking about wanting to see the spears not lose on the hike. Will he lodge a police complaint even after he has made a serious allegation of conspiracy to murder? Take care? We also need to see how District Minister Ganguly Kamalakar responds to the challenge that he is ready for any trial. The TRS ranks in the district as a whole do not appear to be moving along with the spears. That was because he was wearing a BJP scarf. It is not so easy for them to prepare to leave the ruling party in the state. The big challenge is to hold on to sympathy until the elections ever come, including political criticism of the BJP.

The aggression of the ruling TRS is greater than the spearhead camp that has lost power. The joining of TDP state president L Ramana and Congress state secretary Kaushik Reddy with many local leaders will be a new strength for the ruling party. It is clear that in addition to political force, social equations are also in focus. Kaushik, who polled 60,000 votes in the last election, is expected to increase his vote share. Former MP Konda Vishweswarareddy, who congratulated him, had a meeting with the spears, adding to the confusion. And who is coming from which side has brought up the question of why the Congress leaders are meeting the BJP candidate. In the context of the inclusion of Ramana and Kaushik, it seems that Chief Minister KCR himself is taking Huzurabad as a forerunner for the forthcoming elections as no one can prevent him from attending in extreme language. If what is going on there in the meantime depends on the decision of the voters then we have to look for the Election Commission ‌ announcement when the actual election will take place.


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