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TDP senior leader joins YCP: Joins party in presence of Jagan .. !! | TDP senior minority leader Ziauddin joined YSRCP in CM presence

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Published: Wednesday, July 21, 2021, 9:49 [IST]

TDP seniors are joining YCP one by one. Two days ago, Shobha Haimwati, a former TDP MLA and Telugu woman president, resigned from the TDP. Now the chief leader from a minority family who played a key role in the TDP has joined the YCP. The Lal John Bhasha family from Guntur has been working in TDP since its inception. On Basha Nadu, senior Congress leader … NG Ranga was defeated from Guntur Lok Sabha seat. After that he became a member of TDP politburo and was close to Chandrababu.

However, Basha later died in a road accident. His brother SM Ziauddin has twice won as a TDP MLA from Guntur-1. Ziauddin entered the legislature at the age of 24. After that he was a Congress MLA twice in a row … YCP candidates won in 2014 and 2019 elections. However, Ziauddin, a senior in the party, did not get a TDP ticket in 2014 and 2019. Ziauddin also worked for the party candidate in Nandyal’s by-election campaign.

TDP senior minority leader Ziauddin joined YSRCP in CM presence

After the TDP came to power in 2014, Ziauddin was offered the chairmanship of the Minority Commission. He continued in those responsibilities for a short time even after the YCP government came to power. Ziauddin, who resigned from the TDP a few days ago, today joined the YCP in the presence of the chief minister. The current Guntur East MLA Mustafa … MLA Appireddy both took Ziauddin to the CM. Ziauddin, on the other hand, said he would work for the party. Zia Uddin recalled that in the past, reservations were given to Muslim minorities during the YSSR regime. He made it clear that he would carry out any responsibility assigned to him under the leadership of Jagan.

English summary

TDP senior Minority leader SM Ziauddin joined YSRCP in presence of CM Jagan in camp office. His borther Lal jan basha worked as MP from TDP and, He was elected as mla for Two times.

Story first published: Wednesday, July 21, 2021, 9:49 [IST]


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