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SV Krishnareddy released the teaser of ‘Cherasala’

How should a husband and wife bond? How not to be? ‘Dungeon’ is a movie that was screened as a feel good love story with the storyline. Shrijit, Ram Prakash Gunnam, Nishkala, Shilpa Das as hero and heroines under the banner of S Roy Creations .. Maddineni Suresh Sudha Roy is producing this film under the direction of Ram Prakash Gunnam. The teaser of the film was released by senior director SV Krishnareddy and the trailer was released by Film Chamber Council Secretary Prasanna Kumar. Producer Achanta Gopinath and Basi Reddy released the songs for the film. On this occasion .. SV Krishnareddy said, “Cameraman Ram Prakash became the director and screened the film very well. The making of the film is very good. The film is so good because the producers give freedom to the director. I want to. ” Tummala Prasanna Kumar said, “It is a good thing that the film director has been working as a cameraman for the last ten years, learning about 24 Crafts, making his own story and becoming a director. This is his first film. ‘Everyone in the audience will definitely like it.’

Director Ram Prakash Gunnam said, “I have been working as a cinematographer for the last ten years. I made this movie with the point that it should not be. Filmmaker Sudharai said, “Even though Ram Prakash is the cameraman, we are making this movie as an impression of the story he told.


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