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Sonu Sood: Poddunne Shakayya .. not even an inch .. 17 crores so hide .. Sonu Interesting Comments | Sonu Sood reveals crucial details about it raids

The Best Wish

Speaking to a leading newspaper, Sonu said that the officers who came to inspect his house made sure that he was comfortable. I promised to make the best ride experience for them when they arrived, and I also took their opinion as they were leaving, saying that they agreed that this was also their best experience. And when they left, he said, ‘We miss you,’ and we all laughed so hard, “Sonu said.

Not even an inch of land

Not even an inch of land

I said I had provided all the necessary documents to the IT officials. Sonu said he did not have even an inch of land in Lucknow or Jaipur as alleged against me. As far as foreign funding is concerned, any company that has been registered for 3 years or more has to register with the FCRA to get the funds, which is not my foundation register, so I cannot take such funds, ”Sonu said.

That is crowdfunding

That is crowdfunding

At the same time, any foundation fund receives a one-year term to use the fund. Sonu stated that the rules are that if the fund is not utilized, you can extend it for another year. I listed this foundation a few months ago, mentioning that it was during the second wave of COVID. Sonu says what he says is foreign funding is crowdfunding. I raise funds from the masses. He said hospitals and medical colleges would be built with this money. He further added that the allegation was false as the money did not reach India or my foundation and not a single dollar was credited to my account.

Hospital in Hyderabad

Hospital in Hyderabad

Sonu said ‘I have been raising funds for the last 4 months and by the rules, I have more than 7 months to use the funds. I said I would not waste people as well as the money I earned hard. In fact Sonu Sood also spoke about his plans to start a hospital in Hyderabad and Sonu Sood said that he plans to run it for the next 50 years to continue free treatment for patients in this charitable hospital. “I have big dreams and I am on that mission,” the actor said. He said there was still about Rs 17 crore left from the money he had collected.

Seemed surprised

Seemed surprised

Now Sonu Sood is very surprised to be attacked in his house. Speaking about the sudden attack by IT officials in the morning, Sonu Sood said, “Yes, it is a bit surprising because if the tax officer comes home early in the morning, everyone will be shocked.” He said as long as the attacks continued, no one left the house and no one came inside. My youngest son said he had to stay home for many days.


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