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Shani jayanti 2021, Surya Grahan 2021: These constellations are in danger

For five hours ..

The Moon comes between the Sun and the Earth when the Sun, Moon and Earth are on the same straight line. Then the shadow of the sun will take over the earth. This space miracle is seen in many countries. Although partial, some countries can see the Ring of Fire. In India, the solar eclipse begins at 1:42 p.m. The evening ends at 6:41 p.m. The eclipse time takes about six hours for the shadow to clear from start to finish.

  Live streaming ..

Live streaming ..

According to the estimates made by the website Time and Date .. It does not appear in India. Partly found in northern parts of Russia, Greenland, Canada. Partial solar eclipses occur in northern Asia, western Africa, the Atlantic, the Arctic, Europe, and the Americas. It is not allowed to be found in India. However- Time and Date.com has made it possible to see it live. Will broadcast a live stream of the solar eclipse. The company revealed that the live stream will continue from the start of the eclipse until it is completely over.

Ring of Fire ..

Ring of Fire ..

A partial solar eclipse does not completely cover the Earth’s shadow as it travels over the Sun. The result is a ring of fire. Burning edges around. The sun appears with a mid-eclipse hue. The Ring of Fire, which occurs when a solar eclipse peaks, is fully visible in Greenland. People living in Greenland, Serbia as well as those on the edge of the North Pole will also be able to see the Ring of Fire, Time and Date said. People in the East Coast and Upper Midwest can partially see this miracle.

  Effect on any zodiac sign ..

Effect on any zodiac sign ..

Shani Jayanti, the senior new moon, is the first solar eclipse of the year. The perceptual effect on the four constellations is expected to be severe. In particular, scholars are evaluating the effect of Taurus on Taurus. The prophecy says that with the effect of the eclipse they are more likely to fall ill and lose money.

On the other three

On the other three

This eclipse will cause some awkward situations for Gemini, Libra and Capricorn. Those in the business world need to be vigilant about financial transactions. Scholars predict that those in employment will have to work harder. Scholars make it clear that astrology tells us that Libra is mentally unsettled. Capricorn warns them not to take any action during the eclipse. On the contrary, they are convinced that the end result will be disappointing.


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