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Senthil chandrababu: Chandrababu will bomb the car if there is a pile: YCP leader shocking comments, MLA Kethireddy too

VCP leader’s sensation that Chandrababu was bombing his car

Recently, a YCP leader made sensational remarks against TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu. Senthil, a YCP leader and chairman of the Rural Electricity Cooperative (Resco), warned that Chandrababu Naidu would bomb his car if Minister Peddireddy was sacked. Dammunte was challenged to come to the heap. He made harsh remarks during the YCP’s Janagraha Deeksha in Kuppam, Chittoor district. Despite the efforts of the adjoining MP Reddappa, Senthil became more agitated and attacked the TDP leaders. Senthil demanded that TDP leaders tell him that the remarks made by Pattabhi were wrong. Atu TDP .. Itu YCP leaders with provocative remarks are leading to a tense situation in AP politics. TDP and YCP leaders and activists clashed in Kuppam.

YCP, TDP clash in Kuppam ..

YCP, TDP clash in Kuppam ..

TDP chief Chandrababu’s own constituency Kuppam is in a tense situation. Senthil made indecent remarks on Chandrababu and TDP ranks marched from the party office to the police station. As the TDP ranks reached the MR Reddy junction in the town, YCP leaders and activists also tried to block the Janagraha Deeksha at the bus stand from reaching the same square. Leaders and activists of both the parties pushed each other leading to tensions. With this, the police stepped in and sent both the groups away.

MLA Kethireddy is a sensation who goes without Pattabhi's address

MLA Kethireddy is a sensation who goes without Pattabhi’s address

Meanwhile, Anantapur District Tadipatri MLA Kethireddy Peddareddy made sensational remarks. Pattabhi .. Tadipatri MLA Kethireddy Peddareddy said that if the remarks made against Chief Minister Jagan had been made in Rayalaseema area, he would have been without an address. If Chandrababu is sent out of the state in 2024 .. MLA Jagan Peddareddy said that if Jagan is made the Chief Minister, the eclipse of the state will be lost. He conducted the census under the auspices of YSR CP at the Royal Pond in Tadipatri constituency of Anantapur district. On this occasion he expressed his deep indignation at the TDP leaders.

Attacks are not wrong .. Serious remarks on Pattabhi and Jesse Prabhakar Reddy

Attacks are not wrong .. Serious remarks on Pattabhi and Jesse Prabhakar Reddy

Pattabhi alleged that Chandrababu and Lokesh were behind the remarks. The Chief Minister will inevitably be attacked by his fans or YSRCP activists if he speaks in obscene terms. Pattabhi and Jesse Prabhakar Reddy are not ashamed to be slapped by women. TDP leaders are looking to go public with provocative remarks aimed at corrupting Jagan Mohan Reddy in any way. The TDP is carrying out such conspiracies only because of the popularity of Jagan’s popular rule. No matter how many conspiracies TDP leaders have hatched, Jagan will become the Chief Minister for the second time in 2024, Kethireddy said.


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