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Screening of campaign in AP today .. Election campaign of ministers intensified on the last day – Ap municipal elections campaign end today

According to the rules, the election campaign can be held till 5.00 pm today. Polling for 12 municipalities and 75 corporations in Ellundi state.

In Andhra Pradesh, the election campaign is in full swing in the Municipal and Municipal Corporations. The war of words between the ruling party and the opposition is at its peak. The municipal election campaign is coming to an end today as the wave of allegations and criticism continues. With this, all the political parties intensified their campaign. The campaign increased its speed in the constituencies and targeted strong candidates in other constituencies.

The ruling party YCP is in full swing with the results of the panchayat elections. Beyond that, the results are guaranteed in the municipal elections. Dheema says the TDP is sure to adjust to Tata Butta. The Funka Party, which has already secured the highest number of seats, has completed the exercise to fly the flag in the remaining seats. On the other hand, the TDP is also strategizing against the ruling party. Alleges that they are making consensus by intimidating by contesting in the elections. Against this background the campaign on the last day will go on juicy.

According to the rules, the election campaign can be held till 5.00 pm today. Meanwhile, polling will be held in 12 municipalities and 75 corporations in the state. The votes will be counted on the 14th of this month. In this context, the ministers increased the speed of the campaign on the last day. Throwing challenges to opponents. Dhima is saying that victory in the elections is theirs.

The State Election Commission has already made arrangements for polling. The SEC has set up tight surveillance following complaints about the distribution of money and alcohol. Even if today’s campaign ends altogether, political parties are silently planning to open up to temptations.

Five persons who filed nomination papers during the Pura election notification in East Godavari district in March last year died due to various reasons. Nominations will be filed on May 25 in the respective seats. Only two out of five nominations were filed. In addition, the withdrawal of nominations filed last year will be allowed on the 2nd and 3rd of this month.

Candidates who stood in the ring from 4 onwards then campaigned for their victory in a big way. Celebrities from the respective parties went to the voters and asked them to win their candidates. Deputy Chief Minister Dharmana Krishnadas from Vaikapa and Nara Lokesh, the party’s national general secretary from TDP, campaigned on behalf of the candidates.

District ministers, former ministers, MLAs, MLCs and other people’s representatives took to the field on behalf of the candidates of the respective parties. Still trying to take advantage of it as there is still time until 5pm on Monday.

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