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Schools reopening in Telangana … only on the bench, exams can be written if not attended: Press Review | Schools to reopen in Telangana, one student per bench


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Updated: Wednesday, January 13, 2021, 11:45 [IST]

School students

Students can come to school if they like .. exams can be written if they do not attend. One has to sit alone on the bench. Each educational institution must have two isolation rooms available. These are the guidelines issued by the Telangana government for the resumption of educational institutions Namaste Telangana Said in an article.

The Department of Education has finalized the activities in the backdrop of the commencement of colleges and colleges from the month of February. Special Chief Secretary of the Department of Education Chitra Ramachandran issued orders to this effect on Tuesday. There will be no direct classes for students studying up to 8th class. 9 10, Intermediate‌, Degree, PG, classes will be held only for all technical institutes. 9 And then all the teachers who teach the classes have to attend to the duties. Classes are open only to those who bring written consent from parents. Lessons are made available digitally for those who are unable to attend classes.

All educational institutions are required to conduct classes in accordance with the standard operating procedure issued by the Central Government. Arrangements are being made to provide lunch for students attending classes.

A District Education Monitoring Committee (DLEMC) will be set up to oversee the implementation of government guidelines. The committee, chaired by the Collector, consists of the DEO, ITDA PVO, DMHVO, DPVO, District Intermediate Education Officer, Principals of Degree Colleges, and one nominated by the Collector. He said the action plan should be handed over to the concerned departmental officers in the districts by the 18th of this month. Special attention should be paid to social welfare, tribal, BC, minority welfare, government hostels, the article said.

Gas cylinder

Cooking gas delivery on the day of booking

Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) is gearing up to launch a temporary service that delivers cooking gas on the day customers book it. Today Wrote a news.

‘A city or district in each state / union territory has to be identified for the commencement of temporary LPG services. We will deliver gas to the customer within 30-45 minutes of booking under this scheme, ”said an IOC official.

The services to be provided by the Center as part of improving the motto ‘Facilitated Life’ are yet to be finalized. The official said he was looking to start tatkal cooking gas services by February 1.

IOC is distributing cooking gas cylinders through the Indian brand. There are 14 crore Indian customers across the country, the report said.


Elderly people in Telangana are smoking a lot … Lacy report

Smoking addiction is high among the elderly in the state of Telangana. Most of them are smoking … drinking alcohol. About 13.4 per cent of the population of Telangana is elderly, of which 35 per cent are addicted to smoking Andhra Jyoti Published an article.

25% of the elderly consume alcohol on a daily basis. 8.6 percent drink more. These were revealed in the recently released ‘Longitudinal Aging Study in India (LASI) 2017-18’ by the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

The details in the Lacy report are …

Sixty-six per cent of the elderly in the state are illiterate. 9.7 per cent Mande studied up to tenth class. Eighty-two percent of households in the state own homes. 7% of the families bought houses and 68% built their own houses. 46% of households in India do not own land. In Telangana, it is not 52.7 percent. While 37.9 per cent is agricultural land .. 42 per cent is agricultural and non-agricultural land.

39% of families in Telangana are stuck in debt. In rural areas 48 per cent of households are in debt. In urban areas 22.8 per cent households are in debt. It is noteworthy that Telangana ranks fifth in the country in terms of debt. The neighboring state of Karnataka topped the list with 52.5 per cent, followed by Andhra Pradesh (44%), Bihar (41.1%) and Odisha (40.7%). The Lacy report makes it clear that farm debt, wedding expenses, and medical care are all heavily indebted. In rural Telangana, 32 per cent of households still practice open defecation. She explained that women were the mainstay of 17.3 per cent of households.

In Telangana, 83.3% are Hindus, 12% are Muslims, 3.8% are Christians, 0.4% are Sikhs, 0.5% are Buddhists, Jains and Parsis. OBCs accounted for 58.5%, SCs 19.9% ​​and STs 6.4%. 10% of the elderly live alone. 31% with spouses, 53% with children and 4.87% with others. 65% are satisfied with the facilities provided to them. 85% of households in the state have ration రాష్ట్రంలో cards. 80% of them are used by families.

Men are the ones who make pongals. Women are not allowed in the temple

It is customary for women to perform poojas in any temple across the country. It is a strange and pleasant custom in this temple for men to chant. Kadapa District Pullampeta Mandal Tippayapalle Sanjeevaraya Temple Prajasakti Published an article.

On the Sunday before the Sankranthi festival, only the men in the village put pongals in the temple and not the women. They ate the prasadam they made. It is strictly forbidden for women to enter this temple.

However, from the outside of the temple premises, the women return to the sanctum sanctorum. There is no temple specifically for the original Sanjeevaraya. The inscription on a rock is measured by people here as a living being. As the crops in the village were not good, a Brahmin erected a stone in the script and measured it as Sanjeevarayuni and performed the Pongal program.

Employees from that village from all over the state and elsewhere are flocking there in accordance with the tradition coming from their ancestors. The people of the village celebrate the festival of Sankranthi as a bigger festival than the festival of Sankranthi. Apart from the mandal, men from the surrounding villages also visit the Swami and offer him coconuts and bella as gifts.

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