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Sandal attack on Vishnu in live debate -Channel angry over Amravati JAC leader -Caste angle -BJP vs TDP | amaravati jac leader attacks bjp’s vishnu vardhan reddy on tv live debate, bjp, tdp reactions

Slipper attack on Vishnuvardhan ..

Andhra Pradesh Conservation Committee president Dr Kolikapoodi Srinivasa Rao, AP BJP state general secretary Vishnuvardhan Reddy and others were panelists in the channel’s discussion on the capital Amravati. While Vishnuvardhan said it was “surprising and ridiculous” for the Jagan government to announce that it was going to borrow money to complete the work that had stalled in Amravati, JAC leader Srinivasa Rao interrupted the movement with derogatory remarks. There was a heated argument between the two in this order. At one stage .. Vishnuvardhan Reddy shouted at Srinivasa Rao, “Work in the TDP office .. hold the TDP flag.” JAC leader Srinivasa Rao took off his burnt sandal and attacked Vishnuvardhan. Not only that ..

JAC leader expelled ..

JAC leader expelled ..

In a live TV debate on Amravati, the forum host announced that JAC leader Kolikapoodi Srinivasa Rao was being expelled for allegedly abusing and abusing BJP leader Vishnuvdhan Reddy. Srinivasa Rao may be a Dalit .. He may be well educated .. But he lost his temper in the ongoing discussion and will not tolerate any attack. That soon ..

  Don't let such people come on TV ..

Don’t let such people come on TV ..

BJP leader Vishnuvardhan Reddy said he had been involved in TV debates for 15 years and had never had such an experience and did not know who Srinivasa Rao was who attacked him with a sandal. He said such actions would not diminish the value of the BJP and that the motive behind Srinivasa Rao should be known. AP BJP chief Somu Weeraju also responded on the same issue. Somu condemned the attack on Vishnu with a sandal, said that people without self-control should not be called for TV talks and that the channels themselves should file a police case against Srinivasa Rao for the attack. However ..

Because he is a Dalit leader ..

Because he is a Dalit leader ..

JAC leader Srinivasa Rao, who allegedly attacked BJP leader Vishnuvardhan Reddy in a live debate on a TV channel, is a Dalit and the issue of caste is being discussed. Vishnuvardhan Reddy, who described Srinivasa Rao as a TDP coolie and went on to be expelled for being a Dalit leader, has been questioned on social media by the channel. The Telugu brothers are defending the attack as a social media platform, saying ‘Amravati Pourusham ..’ However, the host announced that they were also condemning the discussion on social media. In the near future ..

Caste tails at the end of the name ..

Caste tails at the end of the name ..

Meanwhile, TDP women leader and party women’s wing president Anita reacted strongly to the TV debate. ” No one is ready to fall for the word that comes to the mouth with the two-letter tail at the end of the name. This is a case in point for attacking Dalits. Are you a paid artist living on the monthly salary of CM Gary, do you speak as if you are the leader of the Dalit movement .. ” said Anita blaming Vishnuvardhan Reddy.


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