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Pullela Gopichand who ever said retirement

Hyderabad: Badminton coach Pullela Gopichand reveals many interesting facts in his autobiography ‘Shuttlers Flick: Making Every Match Count’. He said that Chanakya’s advice to Chandragupta had a great impact on him. He co-authored the book with Priya Kumar.

Indian badminton team chief national coach Pullela Gopichand said Chanakya told Chandragupta that developing others was the true path to happiness, contentment and serenity and that his words had a great impact on his life. His autobiography is not just a sports book. He said it would benefit people from all walks of life.

Luck does not exist

After landing in the ring he was told not to pray for any more luck. We want to keep those around us who want to win. Those who do not try to make their dreams come true cannot encourage others.

Just ‘one parent’ to his child

Explaining about his family, he said that his wife used to say one thing with a lot of sadness. They say that their children have only ‘one parent’. He was angry that he could not spend time with his children because he had busy schedules. She is worried that her health is being affected by busy schedules.

The book states that he switches off his phone when he feels that negative news is coming. He said that if he was at home on such days, he would ask his wife and children not to tell him about the negative news. He said such negative news would get old for years and another new news would come to light. He says the only answer to negativity is a better positive version of your effort.

About Saina Nehwal …

Saina Nehwal left Gopichand Academy in 2014 and started coaching in Bangalore. When his friend Srikanth referred to the rumors circulating at the time that Peevy preferred Indus, he said, “A player is like a small bird in your hands. If you tighten your grip, it will die, if you leave it will fly undisciplined, falling victim to circumstances. But it will damage your hands when it is in your hands. ” So it is better to wash it. Caretaker said it would be good to continue the job. Prepare to be mentally traumatized and move on.

About Peewee Indus …

Gopichand called Sindhu’s father when Saina and Sindhu were returning from the Asian Games in 2010. He said he would like to coach Sindhu personally. It also says it will coach at 4.30am daily. With a busy schedule for the rest of the day, he devoted his yoga practice time to coaching Sindhu. Gopichand’s belief that Satta Sindhu has the potential to become a world champion has come true. “I want you to win, brother,” Sindhu often said.


Gopichand took over as head coach in 2006. It is likely to continue until the next Olympics. He says he will retire when world class players become world class coaches.


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