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Puducherry, Tamilisai Soundararajan: Lieutenant Governor visits Urban Forest


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Published: Sunday, April 4, 2021, 15:16 [IST]

Pondicherry: Tamilisai Soundarajan, who is holding additional responsibilities as the lieutenant governor of the Union Territory of Puducherry, visited the local urban forest on Sunday. Many of her advisors and superiors accompanied her on this occasion. He visited Urban Forest on a holiday while overseeing the arrangements for the Assembly polls scheduled for the 6th of this month. Plants are planted.

This morning she visited the Mullayagam Urban Forest Campus along with her advisors and superiors. Plants are planted. Greeted the employees and staff there. Shawl covers were honored in recognition of their services. Kalia then returned to the urban forest on foot. The wildlife kept in the enclosure was inspected. On this occasion we took a huge python in his hands. As the intensity of the sun is increasing day by day, the Tamil Nadu authorities inquired about the conservation measures being taken for the wildlife.

  Thrilling and Unique Experience visiting to Urban Forest, says Puducherry LG

Authorities told the lieutenant governor that the number of visitors to the Mullayagam Urban Forest had dropped dramatically since the onset of the corona virus outbreak. He said the number of tourists has improved slightly in the recent past. Officials handed over details of the number of daily tourists to her on the occasion. He said the Union Territory of Puducherry was a major source of revenue for tourism and directed the Tamil Nadu government to take steps to further strengthen the sector.

  Thrilling and Unique Experience visiting to Urban Forest, says Puducherry LG

Beach tourism, along with urban forest tourism, is suggested to make arrangements to explore the historic monuments built in the French style. He said every tourist who comes to Puducherry should make plans so that they do not go back after visiting only one area. He said preparations should be made to visit every tourist center. He said the revenue could be generated by attracting foreign tourists on a large scale. It is learned that Tamilsai Soundarajan Puducherry, who is the Governor of Telangana, is taking on additional responsibilities as LG.


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