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Pak Army Chief Bajwa talks with India-Pakistan friendship-Dhoval again? – Army reverse‌ | Gen Bajwa wanted a ‘paradigm shift’ with India, but Pakistan military is not ready

The re-emerging India-Pakistan friendship

Decades of feud between India and Pakistan are still hurting both countries. It is a situation that needs to be looked at when Pakistan, which has fostered terrorism to a certain extent, then becomes a victim country itself. The formation of governments in Pakistan with anti-India attitudes, and the proliferation of politics in India as a pretext for war on Pakistan has become routine. But recently the friendship between the two countries is once again on the rise. Unexpectedly, both countries declared a ceasefire. After that, India was ready to send corona vaccines. Though it was hoped that trade relations would also resume after that, Pakistan eventually thwarted it.

Behind-the-scenes talks on India-Pakistan friendship

Behind-the-scenes talks on India-Pakistan friendship

According to international media reports, behind-the-scenes talks between India and Pakistan are taking place, though no specific reasons have been given for the latest developments. Ajit Dhoval, India’s national security adviser in particular, and Army General Qamar Javed Bajwa, on behalf of Pakistan, appear to be spearheading the talks. With this, the situation between India and Pakistan is changing rapidly. The initiative, which began with a ceasefire, has since been followed by a series of decisions by both countries. The two countries are also debating whether to maintain relations similar to those previously under the Vajpayee government.

Pak Army Chief seeks friendship with India

Pak Army Chief seeks friendship with India

Speaking at a meeting in Islamabad on March 18, Pakistan Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa recalled the need to maintain friendly relations with India. Bajwa was the first to say that Pakistan’s attitude towards India needed to change. With this, discussions are going on internationally as to whether Bajwa, like General Musharraf, who served as Army Chief in the past and later became a dictator, is opening up to good relations with India or whether this is part of a conspiracy. However, Bajwa’s initiative to revive deteriorating relations with India after the Balakot attacks is a welcome development, say those closely watching bilateral relations.

Is the army blocking General Bajwa's proposal?

Is the army blocking General Bajwa’s proposal?

Army chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa’s proposal seems to be a headwind from the military, as he feels the need for major changes in Pakistan’s relations with India. The military argues that seeking good relations with India, which has seen Pakistan as an enemy for decades, will dilute the people at home. With this, General Bajwa’s proposal was met with disapproval at the outset. Although General Musharraf had established good relations with India in the past, the Pakistan Army is reminding General Bajwa of the aftermath. This seems to be the reason behind the recent decline of the Imran Khan government in resuming trade relations with India.


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