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Pa Paandi Movie review

Pa Paandi Movie review

A Dhanush-directed movie that surprises you with its portrayal of clichéd moments in Tamil cinema with in clichéd characters. Starring Raj Kiran in the titular role, Power Pandi tries to show life when you’re old enough to be home with your grand children.

Paandian Pazhanisami is a legendary Stunstman who now lives with his son and family. He suffers from one thing that every average senior citizen suffers; boredom. What he does to ‘un-bore’ himself makes up the first half.The second half is has a slow build up which I suggest you enjoy. But one thing about the movie is that its seems as if Dhanush wanted tried to Write/Direct an ‘Idea’ rather than story. Though the scene flow is predictable at places it does not give you any clue where its heading towards. This is evident, especially in the first half of the film where the movie feels like it wants us to feel Paandi’s emotions. Though Raj Kiran has performed well as Power Pandi, there is something that misses the emotional nodes completely. The second half builds up a to a much-needed perspective which should’ve been the whole movie.

RajKiran as Power Paandi has done required justice to the role. His little quirks add a varied but enjoyable flavour to the movie as a whole, though his unnecessary stunt masala could’ve been avoided. Dhanush and Madonna Sebastian make a cheesy cameo in the movie but it does nothing to you as an audience. Madonna as a village girl not the best suit, but she looked pretty nevertheless. Like this Dhanush flashback, multiple other sequences have little significance in the movie and interferes with the feeling the movie tries to invoke. Prasanna as Paandi’s son is good choice but certain scenes feel out of p(l)ace. Chaya Singh, though only used for screen presence, has done the job well. I loved the two little kids who played Pandi’s grandchildren, they were adorable and have emoted what you and I might tell to the characters at that moment. Rinson felt like the good reference frame and DD and vidyulekha weren’t used to potential may be.

Revathi’s role deserves a special mention. She has aged gracefully and presents you the feeling Dhanush tries to express through the movie. She is still pretty and I hope she does more soulful roles like this in future.

Sean Roldan knows music. That’s what his background score and songs made me feel. All the songs have a note of peaceful serenity in-between the lines and fit the pace perfectly. Venpani malarae stays in your heart. Editing by G.K.Prasanna is crisp and has no unnecessary extensions or cuts, but that being said, the movie feels dragged due to its scripting.

It’s safe to say Dhanush will have a positive launch into ‘Directorhood’. This movie was a wee little bit away becoming the next Rhythm but nevertheless you come out smiling and a few thoughts occupy your mind.

Pa Paandi – Aanaivarum Paarka Vendiya Paandi |

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