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In the last four years, he has achieved many successes and risen to the level of challenging top Grandmasters with unwavering concentration despite the power outage. The latest to emerge as the runner-up in the Tata Chess Blitz Tournament .. ‘Andhra Jyoti’ interview with Telugu Tejam Irigesi Arjun who received the book with Viswanathan Anand, the new hero of Indian chess ..

Did the show at Tata Chess catch everyone’s attention at once?

After the Grandmaster event .. Focused on the level again with the victories achieved in this tournament. The reason for this is that they face world class players like Evan Aronian. This tournament has been a great help in speeding up my future plans. Competing with GMs who had a high profile in the past means that something is unfolding that kind of stress. Now the feeling is gone. The board game was very missed due to the lockdown. Getting in the ring live again .. It’s a pleasure to compete with the giants.

What caused the Blitz‌ title to fall into error?

I got a tournament entry after a fellow GM superman withdrew due to illness. In recent times I have not even played much of the Blitz‌ competitions. However, the successes already achieved in Rapid acted as a tonic for Josh Blitz. Did Audi succeed in reducing my tactics in the first day competitions. The second day of the competition was delayed by not being able to make a proper start in two or three games. Otherwise the competition will not lead to a tiebreaker.

How did it feel to compete with World No. 4 Aronian?

This is the third time he has faced Evan this year. He also defeated world champion Magnus Carlsen in the semis of the tournament. However, after playing in these two tournaments I got an understanding of his strengths. With past experience this time the pressure on him in reverse increased without giving Evan a chance. The first two games of the tiebreak were a joy to go almost to the edge of victory, with the draw of games heading for defeat in the league stage.

How does Anand Mentorship help?

It is not uncommon for young players like me to act as a giant mentor like Anand Sar. I have been training online for the last while at Westbridge and Anand Academy. The techniques taught by Anand Sar and some other masters were very useful. Tata advised me to stay calm from time to time without any stress even during the tournament.

What are the next goals?

I’m going to focus more on the classical game than Rapid and Blitz. The Sunway Sitzas are entering the ring at the Classical Chess Tournament to be held in Spain next month.


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