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Once in Motera ..

Look at the front!

The largest cricket stadium in the world

1,10,000 thousand capacity

Test fighting in Motera from tomorrow

As soon as the India-England players entered the Motera Stadium for the third Test practice, they were left with the illusion of ‘this is art .. real’. The word ‘my..god’ came out of their mouth effortlessly. There is a reason for their shelter. Because the capacity of Sardar Patel Stadium is literally 10 lakhs. There is no such huge building anywhere in world cricket. The stadium was built on 63 acres and is suitable for a whole day to thoroughly examine the whole. Interesting facts about Motera, where the player has to climb more than 80 steps to enter the ground from the pavilion.

(Andhra Jyoti Sports Department):Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Stadium in Ahmedabad is also known as Motera. In 1982, the Gujarat government allotted 100 acres in an area called Motera on the banks of the Sabarmati River. In just nine months, the old stadium with a capacity of 49,000 was completed. There were 12 Tests, 23 ODIs and one T20I match. The stadium has hosted at least one match whenever the ICC World Cup is held in India.

The old stadium was demolished to accommodate the current requirements and the largest construction with a capacity of 10 lakh was undertaken in October 2015. It was completed in February last year. The stadium was officially inaugurated when then US President Trump visited India. Syed Mustaq Ali knockout matches have already taken place at this ground. The venue for the first international match will be through the third Test from the 24th of this month. In addition to the final Test, five T20s will also be played here. Currently only 50% of the audience (55 fingers) are allowed.

Pillars are nowhere to be seen in this huge motera stadium covering an area of ​​63 acres. The cost of reconstruction is about Rs 800 crore. There are four entrances to go inside.

It is the only stadium with 11 pitches. Red and black clay were used for this purpose. There are also six indoor pitches equipped with a bowling machine. In addition, two practice grounds with a small pavilion area are available.

Also, unlike the traditional mast lights, LED floodlights are installed on the roof of the stadium. For this reason even the shadows of the players do not fall in the matches that take place at night.

3 thousand cars .. 10 thousand two-wheelers can be easily parked.

Ambulances and trucks will be able to go directly into the stadium during emergencies.

200m along with the indoor cricket academy. There is also a jogging track. The 76 corporate boxes can seat up to 25 people.

The stadium has four dressing rooms and two gyms each. Also the dressing room is with synthetic rubber flooring. This allows players to run left and right before the match.

The drainage system was designed to allow the match to start within 30 minutes of heavy rainfall of 8 cm.

There is also a meeting room, a coach cabin and a physio corner to treat up to three players at a time.

50 deluxe rooms, five suites club house, 3D mini theater, Olympic level swimming pool, gymnasium, squash court, steam room and sauna room for players to relax.

The outfield was set up with Bermuda grass imported from Australia.


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