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Once again Prabhas, Rajamouli movie | NTV

Rajamouli and Prabhas are a rare combination in Tollywood. The ‘Chhatrapati’ and ‘Bahubali’ series have already come together and become a solid success. Once again efforts are underway for a combination of the two. Leading production house Maitri Movie Makers with young rebel star Prabhas Ace director SS Rajamouli had given a huge advance many years ago in preparation for the project and Maitree had blocked Prabhas dates. Now talks are going on with Rajamouli. An official announcement about this rare combination movie will be released soon if it happens as expected.

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Rajamouli is currently filming ‘RRR’ with junior NTR, Ram Charan. Mahesh Babu, who has already officially announced the completion of the film, will make the film. It is said that there may be a movie with Prabhas after that project. Yama is busy with a series of Prabhas films. All are in different stages of construction. ‘Radhe Shyam’ is going to be released for the upcoming Sankranthi. After that he will do ‘Adi Purush’ with Om Routh, ‘Salar’ with Prashant Neil and ‘Project K’ with Nag Ashwin. Talk of a movie with Rajamouli after the completion of those projects. See what happens!


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