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Note to parents ..! If children have these symptoms, is it as if they have the disease? | Children can also get diabetes disease by eating junk food identify with these symptoms


Childrens: The number of diabetics worldwide is constantly increasing. There is a belief among the general public that this disease only comes after 40 years but it is not true. It can also occur in young children. In most cases, diabetes occurs in children due to genetic factors but children who eat a lot of junk food are also more likely to get the disease. Children who do not eat a healthy diet eat large amounts of junk food outside. They are at risk for type-2 diabetes.

However, diabetes is very rare in children but it is not possible to say that they do not have the disease. This is because in most cases the junk food that children eat raises the blood sugar over time. This can lead to type 2 diabetes. Obese children are more likely to develop diabetes. If such children do not pay attention to food, their body sugar level will increase. This makes diabetes a problem. Children who eat a lot of junk food get fat in their body and become obese. This causes a variety of problems in the body.

Sometimes insulin is not produced in sufficient quantities so that the sugar levels are out of control. Parents should check his sugar level if the child shows symptoms of diabetes. If it is high, consult a doctor immediately. Parents should provide their children with high-fiber foods. Stay away from junk food.

These are the features ..
Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness

These foods should be avoided.
White bread, rice, fried junk food, package food, red meat

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