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Nimmagadda Gabbarsingh thinks -Jedi Lakshminarayana today -Factionistula SEC: Sajjala Fire | ysrcp leader sajjala ramakrishna reddy slams ap sec nimmagadda and chandrababu

Evil forces .. conspiracy angles ..

“Under the rule of CM Jagan, all the evil forces are uniting and obstructing the public welfare with the stigma that Andhra Pradesh is moving forward in all its forms. Looking at the recent series of developments in the state raises many suspicions. There is a huge conspiracy angle behind the ongoing attacks on temples right at the time of launching welfare schemes. Attempts are being made to disrupt peace and security in the state by provoking sensitive issues. Behind these …

Chandrababu, the mastermind of the conspiracy ..

Chandrababu, the mastermind of the conspiracy ..

TDP chief Chandrababu is leading the conspiracy with the intention of slinging mud at CM Jagan. If there is a large scale distribution of house deeds in AP like nowhere else in the country .. Chandrababu and Co are obstructing the monsters. Chandrababu & Co are conspiring to darken the lives of 31 lakh homeless people through the distribution of house deeds. Provoking religious elements. The VCP ideology is that it should have nothing to do with politics or religion. We urge you not to bring devotion and religion into politics under any circumstances. Anyway .. if we want to play with the gods without listening, we will act harshly. We will soon solve the conspiracy behind the destruction of the statues. And ..

  Nimmagadda Gabbar Singh thinks ..

Nimmagadda Gabbar Singh thinks ..

Chandrababu once again brought his close follower Nimmagadda Ramesh to the screen to thwart the second installment of the government’s ambitious Ammoodi scheme. But this time their dice did not escape. The court acquitted Nimmagadda, who wanted to hold panchayat elections unilaterally. Nimmagadda Ramesh thinks of himself as Gabbar Singh. He has been in the post of SEC and is acting like a green factionist and dictator. In the past ..

The same is true of the CBI Jedi today.

The same is true of the CBI Jedi today.

Nimmagadda Gabbar Singh thinks that he is acting unilaterally in the matter of elections and ordering arbitrary action against the employees. CBI Jedi Lakshminarayana has done the same in the past. Why is the democratic system only now remembered by Nimmagadda who acts as a factionist? If he surrenders his employees, we (the government) will send them again. Someone has to work according to the law. Pride for Nimmagadda is mostly acting like a dictator. Nimmagadda has never acted as a person with constitutional responsibility. Every step of Nimmagadda is being done under the direction of TDP chief Chandrababu, ”said Sajjala Ramakrishnareddy.


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