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Narang set to Marry: Star shooter Gagan Narang, who is going to be a housewife, got married on the 21st at a star hotel in Hyderabad.

Indian star shooter Gagan Narang is going home. He is getting married to fellow shooter Annuraj on the 21st of this month.


Hyderabad star shooter, Olympic bronze medalist Gagan Narang is getting married. Gagan’s wedding to Uttar Pradesh shooter Annuraj Singh, who won two golds at the 2010 Commonwealth Games, will take place on the 21st of this month at a one-star hotel in Hyderabad.


Shooter Gagan Narang With A

They are both 37 years old. They have represented India in shooting for two decades and have competed together in many international tournaments.



Gagan‌ said that his mother loved Anna very much, as well as that his parents loved him, which paved the way for marriage.


Gagan Narang

Can’t say exactly when we thought we were getting married. We have been a team member since 2002. We stood by each other all the time on this long journey. Shooter Gagan Narang explained that they later became friends.


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