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Naga Babu: Mega Brother responds to Chandrababu’s tears .. Serious comments on Assembly developments .. | Naga Babu Konidela Comments Over YSRCP Leaders Comments On Nara Bhuvaneshwari In AP Assembly


Naga Babu Comments: Chandrababu’s tears hurt .. Personal criticisms and insults are not right .. Criticisms are natural but .. Mega brother Nagababu said that it is an unpleasant thing to behave in such a degrading manner .. Nagababu on Saturday reacted to the incident in which Chandrababu insulted Satyamani in the assembly yesterday. It is natural for someone to criticize but .. it is not good to make accusations. It is good to criticize anyone, any party but .. it is not right to behave in a degrading manner. Nagababu believes that AP politics is culminating day by day.

Senior leaders like Chandrababu said it was very painful to shed tears. He did not say that he was a fan of Chandrababu. The TDP and YCP have expressed interest in not making personal criticisms, especially in dragging family members into it. Everyone is advised to criticize according to the policies of the parties. Janasena could also be criticized.

Nagababu also opined that it was not correct for TDP leaders to personally insult CM Jagan. Nagababu said he was shocked after seeing Chandrababu again yesterday. Mega Brother was pleased that someone was doing something nefarious.

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