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Manasu Kavi… Mana Sukavi… Atreya!

(Acharya Atreya Vardhanti on September 13)

Acharya Atreya, the bully who uttered the language of the mind in a song, said, Dheesali described the state of mind as “the movement of the mind”. “Silence is your language, dumb mind,” said the researcher who discovered what kind of language the mind speaks under what circumstances. That is why contemporary poets called Atreya ‘Manasu Kavi’ and Antena ‘Mana Sukavi’. Although many poets and lyricists wrote songs on ‘Manasu’, there was no other lyricist who used the word ‘Manasu’ as his right and used it as Atreya.

Acharya Atreya’s real name is Kilambi Venkata Narasimhacharya. Atreya was born on May 7, 1921 in the village of Mangalam Padu near Sullurpet in Nellore district. During his school days, he wrote songs and plays expressing ideal feelings and entertained. He dropped out of school to take part in the ‘Quit India Movement’. Went to jail. After its release, he worked as an assistant editor at ‘Zameen Raitu’ magazine. Many plays and dramas written by Atreya Kalam have impressed the people. Among them, “Fear, Peace, Frogs, Gautama Buddha, Ashoka Samrat, Transformation, Conflict, NGO” were among the highlights. Many film creatures would be shocked to hear his words in plays. He is a major producer of learning by Gopichand, directors KS. Prakash Rao introduced Atreya to Chitraseema through his film ‘Deeksha’. Atreya’s first song in ‘Deeksha’, “Pora Babu Poyi Choodu Lokam Pokada” was especially popular in those days. In the beginning some people just wrote words with Atreya. Some were occasionally given the opportunity to write songs. Whatever is written, Atreya has his own voice in it. Atreya’s song ‘Palalo Buggala Pasidichana’ written by Atreya in Annapurna’s ‘Todikodallu’ turned the youth on in those days. Also, the song “Kodekaru Chinnavada… Vadiponi Vannekada” from ‘Mundadugu’ was more entertaining. Atreya went on a film journey writing and speaking songs like this.

Atreya’s words in the film ‘Srivenkateswara Mahatmyam’ and the song “Seshashila Vasa” written by him impressed the people. After the huge success of the film, Atreya’s songwriting also gained momentum. Aadurthi Subbarao encouraged Atreya well. Many of the songs written by Atreya for Aadurthi films amused the scholars. In some films, both the lyrics and the lyrics are sung by Atreya. Even so, many films have robbed people. Production companies like Jagapathi Art Pictures, Suresh Productions and Yuvachitra have established Atreya as their court poet. Some producers say that movies cannot be made without Atreya songs. Also after Atreya passed away they stood on the floor. Atreya is so popular. The last film that came to light in his songwriting was ‘Nari Nari Naduma Murari’. Acharya Atreya passed away on September 13, 1989. He was a breath of fresh air to many future film writers.


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