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Mahesh Babu-Rajamouli: Mahesh-Rajamouli project in the hands of Tollywood bada producer .. | Mahesh babu rajamouli movie latest update


Mahesh Babu-Rajamouli Tollywood top director Rajamouli is currently focusing on RRR cinema. Young Tiger NTR, Ram Charan co-starring RRR is eagerly awaited by the audience. Charan Alluri will be seen as Sitaramaraj .. Tarak Komuram will be seen as Bheem. He has completed the shooting of the film and is busy with post-production work. The teasers, posters and songs of the film, which has already been released, impressed the audience immensely. After this movie, Rajamouli is doing a movie with superstar Mahesh Babu. Rajamouli had earlier announced that he would be working with superstar Mahesh. Recently, superstar Mahesh also clarified the matter in a Forbes India interview. Mahesh says that he always makes the right movies at the right time .. This is the right time to make a movie in Hindi. Clarity said that he is doing his next film with Rajamouli… It will be in all languages.

News is coming that Rajamouli will also be introducing a strong villain character for the upcoming film with Mahesh Babu. However, this time news is coming that Rajamouli will bring a star hero into the field together. He is not someone like Tamil star hero Vikram. Meanwhile, it seems that this huge project was built by producer Dil Raj. It has been previously announced that the film will be produced by KL Narayana. Now it is learned that Dil Raju is going to partner with him. It is said that the matter will be officially announced soon.

Dil Raju

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