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Lady techie: Flag hoisting, US company friend, Rs. 10 lakhs, three! | Lady techie: Cyber ​​crook dupes Software engineer of Rs 10 lakh after befriending her through Matrimonial site in Hyderabad.

Lady Tech, who is away from her husband

The 34-year-old woman lives in the Begumpet area of ​​Hyderabad, the capital of Telangana. She earns a good salary as a software engineer at a leading software company. Lady Techie, who was separated from her husband due to family problems, is living with her 6-year-old son.

  I and my son need a companion

I and my son need a companion

The lady techie decided that she needed a good man to take care of her son and remarry. Began to look for a good person, a good relationship in matrimony. She waited for a while to make a good decision, even if it was too late, not to be in a hurry as she had already suffered a blow once in her life.

  Katugadu entry

Katugadu entry

Once a man was introduced to a Begumpet woman in matrimony. His name was Mohul Kumar and he introduced himself to a Begumpet woman who said that he was working as a software engineer in a US company and that he had his own house and property in Gujarat. The two were later in touch on social media.

  Small sketches ... big plan

Small sketches … big plan

Mohul Kumar believes that he will marry Lady Techie, who has been residing in Begumpet for some time. He told her not to marry anyone except you and sent her some expensive jewelry and gifts. Katugadu, who believed that there were disputes over his assets in Gujarat and wanted you to help me a little, received Rs. 1. took 50 lakhs.

  Your jewelry has been seized

Your jewelry has been seized

After a while, the customs officials seized the gold jewelery and valuables that were not taxed if they were brought for you and demanded Rs. Katugadu Mohul Kumar, who lied that Rs 6 lakh would be required, got Rs. 6 lakhs was deposited in his account.

  Rs.  10 lakhs ..... undetected

Rs. 10 lakhs ….. undetected

Mohul Kumar, who later gave various reasons, believed in Lady Tech and paid around Rs. He deposited over Rs 10 lakh in his account. Eventually, Kiladi Begumpet switched off his mobile phone, fed Bullemma a cream biscuit and ate it. The Begumpet woman, realizing that she had been cheated, lodged a complaint with the police.

  Where is Katugadu?

Where is Katugadu?

The cyber crime police have launched an investigation based on the details told to Begumpet Lady Tech. Cybercrime police are investigating whether some lives are recovering with matrimonial and others are turning white, but such scams are not being checked.


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