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This is the reaction of the village child

“The language in the song is old but the feeling must be new – that’s my theory,” Chandrabose said. He is an accomplished pen in providing excellent literature and poetry in simple language. He was one of the songwriters who raised the level of emotion of the audience. His style is to write an unfamiliar feeling in the language of the audience. ‘Kolu Kolo Koloyamma’ written by Chandrabose in the movie ‘Virataparvam’ starring Rana and Sai Pallavi as a couple falls into that category. Chandrabose spoke to ‘Chitrajyoti’ about the song. In his words about this literature …

” Kolu Kolo Koloyamma … This is the response of a village child’s mind. How much purity is there in village children and young women? How serene is their mind? If they love, how much intensity, density, intensity does that love have? That’s what I said in the song. It is a song about complete intimacy.

One thing to say before this song …

‘Femininity is a double food

Buddhischapi Chaturguna

Adventure Shadgunam Chaiva

Kamoshcha Guna Uchyate ‘ Narayanakavi wrote about a woman. I mean … women have twice as much hunger, four times as much intelligence and six times as much adventure as men. Love is infinitely many times greater. The virtue of love is the virtue given by nature to woman. So … I wrote this song as an emotion from nature.

The girl tells me that the man I had dreamed of for years is no longer asleep as my eyes come forward. The great feeling of closing the eyes forever is written in the refrain.

When it comes to the stage … naturally women are more passionate about jewelry. However, he says he will abandon jewelry and turn words into glasses. The words are loud. As such, it is comparable to glass. His gazing blossoms blossomed for her. The eye of the beholder is said to be equal to the flower. All the black beads … black beads pierce a little. But, we see them as a symbol of good fortune. His leap is a little pierced and says goodbye.

An expression that has never been seen before in literary history is … the sacred ornament of a woman. The bridegroom is the woman’s spouse and husband. Here … let’s say the idea of ​​Wadi is more sacred than Mangalya. Whenever she thinks of a pro-male she says that he has become her husband. See how much flagship purity there is in that girl. The sanctity in the role of Sai Pallavi is said at the end of the stanza.

When it comes to another stanza … the smile of a loved one with her lips, the way she speaks with her throat – this is the feeling that takes poetry to another angle in literature. In the end, ‘Pranamanta vadenanta … Prayamanta vadenanta vadi premai nene bratakana’ – Vadi premala mari bratakana is an idea that takes song and lyrics to another level. It is inspired by a saying of the cosmologist Rabindranath Tagore. That is … ‘My love for her is my life that overflows like rivers flowing like autumn moons’! What came out of that feeling was ‘Wadi premai nene bratakana’.

To write such a song … you need a director (Venu Udugula) with a poetic heart and understanding of poetry. Before writing the song, Meerabhai prepared me by quoting Venu Udugula about Madhurabhakti. Such great poetic lines and songs come only when there is a director who inspires in this way. All the writers, including Ramajoyya Shastri and Bhaskarabhat, tweeted about the song. They expressed their happiness. Sukumargari co-director Srinu said, “Literature can be used as a movie poster.” That’s a great compliment. The real success of the author is in talking about the lyrics. I write the song with the lyrics. The song should be good without the lyrics. The lyrics should be as it should be. Thanks to Suresh Bobbili, the director who co-wrote the song, and Divya Malika, who provided the vocals. ”


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