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Khiladi lady: Sent Secret Photos To Home Owner, Just Rs. 15 lakhs, the effect of sleeping pills! | Khiladi lady: Domestic helper was arrested for allegedly blackmailing former employer in Bengaluru.

IT hub in Bangalore?

IT hub Ranjith (name has been changed) resides in Ramamurthy Nagar, Bangalore. Sonia (30), a resident of Ramamurthy Nagar, was introduced to Ranjith, a childish lady. Ranjit told her to do housework in his house as Sonia also resides near the house.

  Worked very confidently

Worked very confidently

Sonia has been doing housework for six years very confidently in the home of wealthy Ranjit. Even during the Corona period, Sonia had less days to work but her landlord Ranjit paid her a salary. Homeowners fire Sonia during housework during Corona Second Wave. Sonia thought that Corona had come and that she could go back to work in that house again after the downturn.

  The owner was disgusted to see the photos on the mobile

The owner was disgusted to see the photos on the mobile

Sonia Ranjit went home three months ago. “Give me a chance to work in your house,” Sonia told Ranjit, the owner of the house. But Ranjit had already hired another woman in his house. Two months later, Sonia sent some photos to Ranjit, the landlord, who had quit his housework. Ranjit, the owner of the house, was shocked to see the photos sent by Sonia.

  Rs.  1. 20 lakhs Swaha

Rs. 1. 20 lakhs Swaha

Ranjit, the owner of a house near Ramamurthy Nagar, secretly met Sonia, who is now a housemaid, and asked her why she did this. Later a lot of story ran between the two. Eventually Ranjit lost Rs. 1. He gave 20 lakhs to Sonia and requested her to delete the photos in your mobile phone. Sonia took the money and left saying that she would delete the photos in my mobile.

  Rs.  Kiladi Lady who demanded 15 lakhs

Rs. Kiladi Lady who demanded 15 lakhs

Week days later, Kiladi Lady Sonia phoned Ranjit, a former landlord, and offered me Rs. 10 lakhs, another Rs. Ranjit, the owner of the house, was disgusted when he started blackmailing me into posting my photos on social media if I did not pay Rs 5 lakh.

  This is what happened with the sleeping pill effect

This is what happened with the sleeping pill effect

Ranjit Ramamurthy filed a case against Sonia at the Nagarmurthy Nagar police station alleging that Kiladilady, who was working at home, was negligent in her case and now she was blackmailing me. Ranjit alleged that he was ill, taking sleeping pills every day, taking photos of Sonia while he was half-naked in his bedroom after taking sleeping pills and now blackmailing himself.

  Kilady Lady arrested

Kilady Lady arrested

Police registered a case against Ranjit and arrested Kiladi Lady Sonia. Ramamurthy Nagar police said they have registered a case and are investigating Sonia, who is now blackmailing them by taking their salary and working confidently at home.


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