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Khammam DCCB: Quotes quoted with fake documents .. Employees management in Khammam DCCB Bank | Khammam DCC Bank Employee cheating Crores of rupees theft with fake documents

The plaintiffs created fake documents and quoted. Eventually, fake documents were also created for forest lands. If the wire is pulled with this

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Khammam DCCB Scam: False documents were created and quotes were made. In the end, fake documents were also created for forest lands. When the wire is pulled, the bend is moved. The thief of the house could not be caught by God. The same thing happened here. Everything is scared when it is revealed that the employee working in the bank is the mastermind. Overall Khammam District Co-operative Central Bank created fake documents and quoted quotes. Bank officials have identified the scam in 2016 and 2017.

Bada Babu created fake documents in Khammam DCCB and swiped 6 crores. The bank’s CEO Veerababu has lodged a complaint with the Khammam Twotown police to take civil and criminal action against the 16 people who took loans with fake documents and the guarantors who guaranteed them. Bank‌ Chairman‌ Kurakula Nagbhushanam. During the last tenure of the bank, 14 people created fake documents and took loans from the Khammam, NST branch, 14 from the Rotary Nagar branch and one from the main branch two years ago.

Borrowed Agriculture Mortgage, Real Estate Mortgage, Secured Overdraft Loans. However, some of those who took loans from banks stopped building after making some installments. As a result, debts and interest combined to accumulate huge arrears. When the new governing body was formed in March 2020, the focus was on the outstanding bank loans. Authorities went for the seizure of the secured assets as the borrowers did not respond to notices sent for recovery. However, the authorities were stunned by the absence of assets shown in the documents. Buridi was found to have created fake documents and beaten the bank.

Bank CEO Veerababu said the scam, which took place in the last governing body, had already turned up 16 people who had created fake documents and taken loans, on which an inquiry would be held. Our spokesperson Vasu will provide more details on this. However, there are allegations of employee involvement in the bank scam. Muvva Vijayababu, then chairman of Khammam DCCB Bank, is alleged to have given letters of recommendation to give loans and to put pressure on the authorities to grant the funds. Police have registered cases of cheating, forgery and criminal offenses under six sections against Anandrao, who was then employed as NST Bank manager, Ramyashree, field inspector.

Police have identified Janarthanachari, who was working as a document writer in the district registrar’s office, as the mastermind behind the bank scam. It was concluded that he had created fake documents similar to the original documents. The police concluded that Buridi had beaten the bank officials by creating forgery-like registration documents for non-existent lands and flats. Document writer Janarthanachari was also found to have taken a loan with fake documents, police said. Kurakula Nagbhushan, the current chairman of the governing council, has accused the DCCB of committing irregularities in the past.

The then bank officials, employees and former chairman Muvva Vijaybabu lodged a complaint with the Khammam Twotown Police Station along with 16 defaulters after it was revealed that they had created fake documents and taken loans. Police said they were trying to seize property in other areas in their name.

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