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Kangana Ranaut, who once received Rs 100 crore, is now worse .. | Bollywood Kangana Ranaut Thalaivii shocking collections


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Talaivi, who played the lead role of Kangana Ranaut, is all set to hit theaters on September 10. The film received a mixed response from moviegoers in terms of box office. While some praised the film, it made sense that others did not pay much attention to it. Released amid the ongoing Kovid 19 epidemic, the film grossed Rs 1.25 crore on its opening day, Friday. According to the latest reports, Talaivi achieved some higher collections on the second day at the box office. But those calculations do not match the investment made. Collections have been on the rise since day two with the positive talk on Kangana’s performance.

It is known that the film was directed by Tamil director AL Vijay. Work on the film was written by author kevijayendraprasad the Amazon. However, with this film, Kangana Ranaut has tried hard to set her market at the box office on a pan-India level. But the workout did not go as well as expected. The film is sure to impress audiences from all walks of life, not only in Bollywood but also in Tamil and Telugu. Kangana has also been doing well in the promotion of the film. The Bollywood Queen’s collections at the box office did not receive as expected.

Bollywood Kangana Ranaut thalaivi shocking collections,

No matter what kind of film Kangana has made in the past, it has been receiving huge collections at the box office. Even short films can bring back up to half of the investment made in the first two days. But this time her expectations were turned upside down. The late Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Jayalalithaa was a powerful woman known to all in India. Kangana Ranaut’s performance in this film based on the life of such a woman impressed the audience. The film was critically acclaimed but failed to increase its audience at the box office. Kangana Ranaut, who once received Rs 100 crore in one go, had an unexpected experience this time.

Finally, it is known that Manikarnika also received good success. The film was also released in Telugu and Tamil. Originally Talaivini was supposed to release the film in the month of April. But then the movie had to be postponed twice due to corona conditions. Now theaters are not fully open in most areas. Perseverance went on in front of the audience though. Surely everyone thought that even the good openings of the film would suit it. On the other hand the box office collections for good movies are coming hard every time the situation in the Tollywood industry improves. The first two days of the City Mar movie shocked everyone with its box office collections. It has to be said that the effect of the movie Talaivi has also diminished a bit.

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Bollywood Kangana Ranaut thalaivi shocking collections,

Story first published: Sunday, September 12, 2021, 20:05 [IST]


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