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Kadalai Movie Review

Nowadays village drama based movies elaborates the typical love track alongside action sequences packed with family sentiments. But plenty of movies just entertains the audiences which were deviod of social message, but recent rural venture Kadalai insists a intense message to the society in a decent narration. Filmmaker has to be appreciated for including much needed message to the village subject with right mix of commercial elements. The characterisation has done a subtle justice to the plot and the brief features of this flick as follows.

The real estate business in rural localities induces decrease in agricultural lands and how the protagonist saves the village people from miscreants is the remaining plot.

From the title card, the narration proceeds in a usual template of love story alongside witty activities of hero and his aide. YogiBabu’s facial expressions and one liner dialogues acts as driving force for this village drama, his screen presence has come out well in most of the scenes which evokes euphoria to the viewers. Makapa Anand did a decent show and he suited well to the aimless youngster persona with ease. The placement of songs and comical elements were perfect which engages the audiences with less dreary feel, and the light hearted interval sets stage for the later half.

The fulcrum of the plot commences in the later part of the second half and too many song sequences acted as speed breaker towards the end which must be refrained. The main baddie John Vijay essayed a fine job as a comical cum menacing persona. Veteran artist Ponvannan is the kingpin of this movie whose natural performance enhances the flow of the movie. Though it has commercial formula, film concludes with the much needed message to the society.

Makapa Anand and Aishwarya in the lead roles were seen in decent performances, YogiBabu is the driving force for this flick who will win more laurels in future too. The experienced actors John Vijay and Ponvannan have portrayed a innate show which was pleasing. Remaining casts had a very less part to play.

The positive ingredients are the comical scenes which was praiseworthy, kudos to auteur for injecting solid message towards the end in this typical village drama. Downside are the unwanted song placements in the second half which affects the flow, female lead Aishwarya were seen in less meaty role which was disappointing.

Filmmaker should have removed few commercial elements like racquet song in the pre-climax and few dull moments in the second half.

Verdict- Mediocre rural entertainer which conveys intense message to the contemporary society.


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