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Jagan’s secret conference with CBI – No reaction – YCP MP Raghuram sensation – Challenge to BJP | ysrcp mp raghu rama krishnam raju alleges ap cm jagan on cbi cases and slams bjp

Pics conference with CBI guys

“The CBI has filed an FIR against me on false allegations that I cheated the banks. A copy of the complaint filed against me without even the slightest signature can also be found on the internet. Behind this is the hand of AP CM Jagan, two MPs from the YCP. The complaints went away after YCP chiefs spoke to SBI MD Srinivasan Shetty and Punjab National Bank MD Mallikarjuna Rao. It seems that even huge sums of money have changed hands in this affair. I lodged another complaint with the CBI. At the same time, I received information from Delhi that the CBI was holding pictorial conferences with them.

Modi stopped in the middle of his speech – PMO doctors run for BJP activist – Unexpected in Assam: video

I will prove ..

I will prove ..

Although Jagan is behind the CBI case against me and other YCP leaders, I am ready to prove that Jagan, who is accused in 11 chargesheets in piracy cases, is in direct talks with the CBI and the bankers. It is not right to discriminate against me for questioning government policies. Newton’s third law applies to everyone, that there must be a reaction to any action. If the YCP treats me the same way, it will show my reaction as well. Whether this warning is being made to Chief Minister Jagan, rather than to our YCP president. He is accused in CBI cases.

Guts to send Jagan to jail?

Guts to send Jagan to jail?

Tirupati election campaign AP BJP in-charge Sunil Deodhar said that the bail of CM Jagan would be revoked at any moment and it was a fact that he would go to jail soon. Personally Deodhar is also a friend of mine. However, I condemn his comments on Jagan. The dialogues are not just rhyming good or jail-bail for political criticism. If the BJP really dares, settle the CBI cases against Jagan quickly, or explain why he did not come to trial, moreover, there is no point in repeatedly talking loose about the CM as guilty. If the BJP really ventures and sends Jagan to jail, there is no chance of him coming out like a washed pearl again. If the BJP leaders are threatening like this, the YCP is also campaigning together on behalf of the NDA.

YCP's friendship with NDA .. AP's status

YCP’s friendship with NDA .. AP’s status

The NDA government at the Center has been saying that the special status for Andhra Pradesh is over and that there is no such thing in the recommendations of the 14th Economic Commission. But in today’s Puducherry Assembly election manifesto, the manifesto promised to give special status to the Union Territory. Key YCP leaders like MP Pilli Subhash Chandra Bose are campaigning on behalf of NDA candidates in Yanam, an integral part of Puducherry. Vijayasaireddy has repeatedly said openly that the AP government will not do anything without the knowledge of the NDA at the Center. YCP leaders should talk to AP leaders about Nirmala Sitharaman, who is still guaranteed Puducherry status. Jagan should step in directly and strive for special status. And ..

The boycott of the Parishad elections is right

The boycott of the Parishad elections is right

As far as AP politics is concerned, the decision taken by some parties to boycott the ongoing Parishad elections is the right one. This is because the ruling parties have no choice but to protect the activists who are being persecuted in various ways by the ruling party. The election boycott is one hundred percent a form of protest, not an escape. Truth be told the law has no eyes, only evidence. But there is a situation in the AP where everyone is afraid to testify. People do not know how great the YCP is, even if it raises the consensus from 25 per cent to one hundred per cent. On the first day of taking charge as SEC, Neelam Sahni hastily issued a notification saying that it was appropriate. The AP SEC’s stance is completely contrary to the previous judgments of the Supreme Court and the High Court that there should be a gap of at least four weeks between the notification and the elections, ” said MP Raghuram Krishnan Raju.


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