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Jacqueline Fernandez money laundering case .. Gharana fraud from Tihar jail! | Sukesh Chandrasekhar trapped Jacqueline Fernandez from Tihar jail through spoof call

Magician in the metropolis

Last week, a bungalow belonging to fraudster Sukesh Chandrasekhar was raided in Chennai. Sukesh Chandrasekhar, who is on trial in Delhi’s Tihar Jail, is accused of extorting Rs 200 crore from a businessman over a period of one year. There were also more than 20 other robbery cases against him and it was found that he operated a rocket from inside his prison cell.

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Over 24 call records

Over 24 call records

Investigators have obtained more than 24 call records related to Sukesh Chandrasekhar. Based on those call records, investigative agencies learned of what Sukhesh had done to Jacqueline Fernandez. Authorities found that Sukhesh had trapped her. However, for security reasons, the investigating agency did not disclose what Sukesh Chandrasekhar had said to Jacqueline Fernandez.

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Knowing that he had fallen into delusion

Knowing that he had fallen into delusion

When Jacqueline Fernandez found out that Sukesh had fallen for Maya, the entire authorities called her and tried to find out the details. After this inquiry it became as if a clarity had come on the whole of the original matter. Sukesh Chandrasekhar allegedly tried to target another Bollywood actress, calling him through spoofing as if he had trapped Jacqueline but his target was not offended by the whole target before that.

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With Jacqueline by spoofing

With Jacqueline by spoofing

Sources in the Enforcement Directorate said that Sukesh Chandrasekhar had spoken to Jacqueline through call spoofing from inside Tihar Jail. Instead of saying that he was Sukesh Chandrasekhar, he noticed that he was talking to her as if he had taken a big shot. Jacqueline learned that he had introduced himself as a big man on the phone.

Expensive gifts from prison

Expensive gifts from prison

According to the investigating agency, Sukesh Chandrasekhar was found to have been sending expensive flowers and chocolates to Jacqueline Fernandez ever since she started believing him. However, officials say Jacqueline was unaware that Sukesh Chandrasekhar, the country’s biggest fraudster, was being sent to Tihar Jail. She said she was unaware of his conspiracies.

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4 days remand

4 days remand

The remand time of Sukesh Chandrasekhar, who cheated Rs 200 crore from jail, has also been increased. The Economic Offenses Wing will remand Sukesh in custody for another four days. The Economic Offenses Wing of the Delhi Police is also likely to call on Sukesh Chandrasekhar’s wife Leena Paul for questioning soon.

It is said that the Economic Offenses Wing is in touch with the ED. The Economic Offenses Wing has recently remanded Sukesh in custody for four days in connection with a complaint lodged by the wife of former Ranbaxy promoter Malwinder Mohan Singh.


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