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It will not happen if all the heroes are together: Chiranjeevi

Megastar Chiranjeevi spoke about the healthy atmosphere that should be among the heroes in the film industry. The pre-release event of the movie “Pelli SandaD” starring Srikanth’s son Roshan as the hero was held in Hyderabad last night. During the ceremony, Chiranjeevi also mentioned the latest developments in the industry. An in-direct counter about ‘us’ was set up on the same stage during the “wedding” ceremony. “My long time friend Victory Venkatesh. The two of us are fond of each other. I can not wait to see which of his movies are good and I will say that it is very good. My friend Venkatesh did not appear to me in ‘Narappa’ recently. Only Narappa appeared. He also called and said that it was good to see ‘Saira’.

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It is very healthy to appreciate each other personally like this. If there was such a pleasant situation between all the heroes, there would be no quarrels between the heroes, no words, no quarrels. Anything is temporary. Especially positions, such as small responsibilities. Looking for them, looking for them ాలా Do they want to be so humble outside for a position? Everyone should be mature. Remember where conflicts started. The reason for all that has happened in recent times is that if someone thinks and puts them away, we are a settled family. We don’t consider it necessary to comment on such fabrications. “


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